Alsemia 2

Alsemia 2 gives you access to a much wider spectrum of healing energies, focused again on physical healing, by working directly on the blockages, energies and energy bodies affecting the body’s health and development.

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This system integrates energies that are normally only accessible by combining multiple other systems such as Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Golden Dragon, and many more. In addition, it provides access to many additional energies found in nature, including those found naturally in crystals (used in crystal healing) and flowers (used in flower remedies).

Energy is everything. It is ultimately the source of matter, it is what creates our planet, our bodies, but also our spirit, soul, thoughts and emotions. Energy based healing and personal development work has the potential to change your life, and the life of those around you.

The first levels of Alsemia are a form of magnified energy healing and personal development focused on the physical body and the energies and energy bodies directly affecting it. This form of energy work and development has the potential to help you release deeply buried stress and blockages affecting your physical body, boosting the naturally powerful self-healing abilities of the human body.


• Alsemia, the Dimensions and Ascension
• Alsemia 2
• How to Access Energy
• Self-Healing Technique
• Healing Others
• Energetic Crystal Healing
• Energetic Flower Remedy Healing
• Healing Plants and Animals
• Higher Senses and the Alsemia Activations
• Alsemia Psychometry
• Reading the Energy of People


This course and its energy activation will enable you to use a large spectrum of astral healing energies found in nature, on Earth, and that can help with physical healing, by working on the energy bodies directly connected to and affecting it. Alsemia 1 started this journey and Alsemia 2 will continue this work on the etheric body with an access to many more energies. It will also enable you to heal the soul body, which is another “structured” energy body (like the etheric body), connected directly to it and also influencing its health and development.

The soul body is our main vehicle to exist within the soul dimension, called different names depending on the spiritual beliefs, and to continue to exist after the death of the physical body. The soul body is the body of the reincarnation process, which is also called the soul journey in the Ashati system. It is highly recommended to receive the Ashati 2 energy activation and to go through its course content to become able to also perform emotional and mental healing on the soul level (also called past-life healing), to remove these blockages and repressed energies, and to further help with the soul body’s healing process, which will have a direct and positive effect on your physical health.

After having received the Alsemia 2 energy activation, you will be able to perform even more powerful self-healings, which only take a few minutes, don’t require any hand positions or learned techniques, and are often described as rich in sensations and extremely relaxing and “nurturing”. These energies will complement the mental and emotional healing energies that you can acquire through the ASHATI 1 and ASHATI 2 energy activations.

You will have access to very powerful energies found in nature, from the astral dimension (lower and higher astral), including those of minerals, crystals, plants and flowers. A simple technique will be introduced to connect with and access these energies individually, enabling you to perform crystal healing and flower remedy healing with pure energy, and therefore without the use of actual crystals or flower remedies. Although this course does not go into the details of these complementary modalities, it does provide an amazing tool to utilise existing knowledge about crystals or flower remedies. Alternatively, you will be taught how to let your higher-self, nature and your own body access and receive the energies it needs, without having to intellectually select them.

These energies are all around us in nature. This powerful activation, like all Alsemia activations, will enable you to access, control, move and use these energies, which are abundantly available in the astral dimension as free flowing energies.

As your body will become connected to even higher vibrational energies, your higher senses potential will naturally expand to new levels. This means that you are likely to more easily feel energy, and to especially become more sensitive to the higher vibrational energies that Alsemia 2 gives your body access to. Further training in understanding and using these gifts can be obtained through the HIGHER SENSES online course.

The integration of Alsemia energy activations is also much easier and faster than for the Ashati energy activations. Most of this integration will be processed within the first few days of the 21-day integration period. Although you can receive other Ashati or Ascension activations during this time, it is important to leave 21-days before receiving the next Alsemia energy activation.
Energy Healing Meditation - Universal Energy

Energy Activations

Each level includes an energy activation which is a profound healing and spiritual experience. They will energetically expand your chakra system as well as activate a new level of energetic development and / or a connection to a specific healing energy that you will then be able to channel during energy healings and meditations, for yourself and others. Each energy activation is followed by a deeply transformative 21-day integration period during which it is recommended to practice daily short self-healing meditations at home, with the assistance of a guided meditation track (provided as part of ASHATI 1). Energy activations are often rich in sensations, profoundly relaxing and inspiring. They are the key to the amazing personal development, spiritual awakening and accelerated healing that most notice straight away when embarking on this energy healing and meditation journey. Energy activations scheduled over distance through the Ashati Institute are performed live by Jerome Baudel at your chosen time. More Information about Energy Activations.


Each level offered by the Ashati Institute is designed for people wishing to embark and progressively advance on an amazing and profoundly transformative journey. However, these levels also provide comprehensive training in energy healing (incl. Ashati and Reiki), whether this is for personal development, to help your children, friends and relatives, or to set up a successful professional practice.

The cost of your modules may be tax deductible if you choose to work professionally.

The following minimum levels are required to obtain professional qualifications. Higher levels will provide additional and more advanced skills and energies.
Ashati 2: Ashati Practitioner
Alsemia 2: Alsemia Practitioner
Reiki 2: Reiki Practitioner
Higher Senses: Psychic / Intuitive
Teacher Training: Ashati Institute Registered Teacher
Reiki 3: Reiki Teacher
Alsemia 12: Subconscious Exploration™
Alsemia 13: Alsemia Group Healings and Group Subconscious Exploration™

The generic qualification of "Energy Healing Practitioner" and "Energy Healing Teacher" can also be used.

Visit Qualifications for more details of the services you can offer.

Accreditation with the Energy Therapies Association

If you wish to work as an energy healing practitioner or teacher, joining a professional association will help you set higher standards of professionalism and ethics. It will also show potential clients that you have received adequate training and that you are following an appropriate Code of Conduct.

Membership with the Energy Therapies Association Includes:
• 1 year FREE membership (after completion of Ashati 2)
• FREE “Professional Practice” manual
• Membership certificate
• Code of Conduct
• Use of the Energy Therapies Association’s logos for marketing
• Recommended professional insurance policies for a list of countries
Energy Therapies Association Includes Membership for Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Master Teachers
This program is accredited by the:
Energy Therapies Association

Most modules are also recognised by other professional associations worldwide, including the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) and the IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals).
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