Ashati System

Everything within our universe is made up of energy, including our own physical body, thoughts and emotions. Ashati introduces a life changing journey of discovery through meditation, quieting the mind, energy activations, energy healing and comprehensive knowledge of the chakras, energy bodies and our multi-dimensional universe.

Each level provides a deeper connection to your intuition, higher senses, inner guidance, true self and ultimately to your life’s purpose. People world-wide have experienced higher levels of inner peace, balance, health and happiness thanks to this life-changing journey.

Ashati is a completely unique and revolutionary system made of three main branches (Ashati, Alsemia and Ascension) that will naturally start and speed up profound emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical healing. This transformational journey will help you let go of false limitations or restrictive influences, understand more about your energy, body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit, and connect you to higher levels within your own consciousness.

This journey, which has already liberated many people around the world, cannot always be objectively described with words, but must often be subjectively experienced, as it is an inner journey back to the essence of who you are. Ashati does not impose rules or practices, but rather helps you to free yourself from unnecessary beliefs, fears and limitations. It does not force you to let go of all other practices, spiritual and others, but rather helps you find the connection with and the beauty in everything, everyone and every experience, the rewarding as much as the challenging ones. Ashati does not impose healing and change upon you, but simply allows a higher and often still unconscious part of you to find a voice within, and to show you your own path and unique life purpose.

Going back to the true essence of who you are involves the release of what is not truly you, but yet subconsciously influences you every day. Ashati may therefore help you release energetic blockages, repressed emotions, past-life traumas, limiting beliefs and thought patterns, self-imposed limitations and suffering, false goals, wants and needs, etc. It will enable you to open your mind to new perspectives, stronger inner guidance, knowledge and realisations about our multi-dimensional universe, your multi-dimensional mind and body, as well as the principles of healing, creation and manifestation. This process will help you re-discover and understand your true self. This has enabled many people to find direction, understand their unique talents and skills and therefore their purpose in life, find a new career path, minimise or let go of stress, understand their emotional language, make more effective decisions, decipher what they truly want out of life, and generally feel happier and more peaceful as a result.

Origins of Ashati

This system and all the content and energy activations within it were channelled, trialled, developed, refined and condensed into specific manuals and additional multimedia content by what would become the Ashati Institute. Although some of the content cannot be verified by experimentation, the energy work aspects and the existence of the Ashati Guides (higher dimensional beings helping with these energies) have been put to the test in countless settings, with groups and individuals, and has received a continuous flow of extremely positive feedback from all over the world over the years. The teachings, which may differ in some respects from other spiritual theories, were based on channelling work, taking the time, over years, to iron out possible misinterpretations (as much as possible) and the influences of other teachings and pre-existing beliefs, to try to go back to a higher and simpler level of truth about the spiritual nature of our universe and ourselves.

The teachings provided in the content part of each level (complementing an energy activation for each level) from the Ashati System are however only meant to help those on this journey to better understand what is happening, and how to make the most of this transformational time. The Ashati Institute’s approach is to allow and encourage those who receive these energy activations to feel for themselves the truths in the teachings, or to find their own truths within it. It is not the Ashati Institute’s intention to impose on anyone beliefs that don’t feel right to them, or that are not helpful for each person’s specific healing and personal development journey.

Although spiritual in nature, the teachings about our possible energy make-up and the energy structure of our world is not meant to be contradicting with other spiritual beliefs or practices, but rather to complement them, or perhaps even explain them in a new light.

The Ashati System has expanded, over the years, shaped by the coming together of a large number of people from around the world, all passionate and dedicated to further expand this energy system and to help more and more people with it.