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What is Ashati?
What course should I do first?
What is included in an online course?
How do I register for an online course?
What is energy healing?
What are the chakras?
What are the energy bodies (aura)?
What is a healing meditation?
Is energy healing safe?
What is an energy activation?
How to prepare for an energy activation?
What to expect during an energy activation?
What to expect after an energy activation?
What is the difference between spirituality and religion?
Is Ashati a religion or a cult?
Is it natural to be sceptical?

What is Ashati?

Ashati is a self-paced personal development program divided into set stages, or courses, and based on energy work, the chakra, energy activations, spiritual knowledge (knowledge about the dimensions of our universe, the soul, our higher purpose for being “alive”, and much more) and on understanding our emotions, thoughts and beliefs, and how to free ourselves from their sometimes restrictive or negative effects.

For more information visit Ashati System.

What course should I do first?

ASHATI 1 is the recommended starting point to your Ashati journey. It provides the opportunity to experience energy, to get introduced to this system and to receive content about energy, healing, chakras, energy bodies, etc.

The other entry level courses are: ALSEMIA 1 and HIGHER SENSES.

What is included in an online course?

Detailed information about what is included in each course and manual is listed on each course page. In general, all courses include an energy activation, a manual, the online e-learning platform, community forum, a completion certificate and unlimited email support. Most courses also offer some video and audio content.

How do I register for an online course?

You can register for any online course by clicking on the “Login / Register” button at the top of each page. Secure payments are processed through PayPal where there is an option to use a credit card, even if you don’t have a PayPal account. You will then gain immediate access to start your online course.

What is energy healing?

“Healing” is a broad term used to describe the general improvement of one’s health or overall well-being.

“Energy healing” is a safe, non-invasive use of natural energies, often from higher dimensions and nature, to assist and boost the self-healing ability of a person on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Healing means different things for each level of our being.

“Physical healing” as a general rule refers to the clearing of the body's energy pathways and the providing of specific energies to help the muscles, organs and other body tissues to get closer to their optimal state, therefore improving health.

“Emotional healing” is usually centred on releasing repressed or clouding emotions, achieving emotional control and balance, understanding and using emotions as a form of language to guide us throughout life and to positively develop relationships, creativity, expression, manifestation, etc.

“Mental healing” is often about bringing peace, clarity and expansion within the different levels of our mind, its thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, using them to manifest higher goals and to generate the behaviours and create the life that one truly wants.

“Spiritual healing” is multi-dimensional and often linked to the higher energy bodies, those that create what we call the “soul”. It can be about opening one’s mind to new and higher perspectives, being able to see behavioural and life patterns, developing our conscious connection to our higher senses (psychic senses), past-life healing, and much more.

Energy healing is completely natural and not associated with any religion – although spiritual in nature (“spiritual” is referring to our energetic nature and the energetic nature of our universe). It is ultimately controlled by the unconscious mind (or higher-self) and the body of the person receiving the healing energies.

The healing power of this form of therapy mostly comes from the early correction of disruptions and disturbances at the energy level, before they can manifest in disorders and diseases. It also helps the body restore balance and well-being when the energetic disturbances and blockages have already reached the lower levels: mental, emotional and even physical bodies. Even healthy people will benefit from energy healing. For example, it can help increase energy, release stress, clear the mind, rebalance energy and chakras, and much more. Recovery time from accidents, injuries and surgeries can also be much faster with regular energy healing treatments, which are often felt as deeply relaxing and enjoyable.

Healing is an on-going process. There are almost always new layers of repressed energies to work on or higher levels of knowledge, personal development and spiritual awakening to reach. While the first few stages may sometimes seem difficult and challenging, the further you go, the easier and the more “life-changing” healing becomes, bringing you closer and closer to perfect balance and to your true self.

Energy healing is a complementary modality and should not replace any traditional medical treatment. Please continue to seek medical advice when necessary.

What are the chakras?

The human body has seven main energy centres within it, called chakras, which are positioned along the spine where major endocrine system's glands and nerves are also located. These chakras connect with and influence body organs, systems, glands, the brain and nerve centres. Each chakra also connects the physical body to a specific energy body, allowing these to interact and influence the physical body and its consciousness. Detailed information about the 7 energy bodies are provided within the Ashati 1 and 2 course manuals and videos.

What are the energy bodies (aura)?

The human body is made up of a multi-dimensional energy field, or aura, created by what we call energy bodies. Detailed information about the 7 energy bodies are provided within the Ashati 1 and 2 course manuals and videos.

What is a "healing" / "self-healing"?

A "healing" is an energy healing (channelling energy) based relaxation, clearing and mind quieting technique to help people re-centre themselves, reduce stress, remove repressed emotions, clear energetic blockages, bring clarity, and balance emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

Although the very powerful energies used during these sessions are specific to Ashati, Alsemia and Ascension, healing meditations similar to these are shared with many modalities, even psychology, with increasing success and therefore increasing popularity. Some scientific studies also clearly show the effectiveness of even the most basic form of such relaxation practices. Because of the powerful energies used during an Ashati healing (and self-healing when doing this for yourself), these sessions are considered especially powerful and effective, with many people reporting amazing experiences and profound results in terms of healing and personal development, over a very short period of time.

These healings work in conjunction with other healthcare and medical treatments. You are therefore advised to continue to seek medical assistance when unwell. These healings are however believed to boost recovery, growth and development.

Is energy healing safe?

Energy healing is completely safe and is about boosting the amazing self-healing power of the body on all levels: physical, etheric, emotional, mental and even on the soul level.

You are in charge of your healing and how you use the energies you will receive, mostly subconsciously, through what we call your "higher-self". You will only receive what you are ready for, and process what you are equipped to deal with.

What is an energy activation (attunement)?

An energy activation, or sometimes referred to as an attunement or initiation, is an energetic experience which permanently gives the person’s body (through the higher chakras) access to a specific range of energy. There are many different types of energy and each of them affects us differently in our healing process and personal development.

An Ashati energy activation usually also increases higher senses potential and raises the person’s vibration, which, by itself, often leads to the healing and the clearing of old energies and issues within the person’s being and life.

You may notice a change instantly, or, most likely, you will feel a gradual shift with an accumulative effect over a few weeks (usually 21-days).

Once you have received an energy activation, you will have the ability to channel that specific energy to perform healings for yourself and others for the remainder of your life. It does not wear off and you can never lose it.

This process is completely safe and guided by your own higher-self, which corresponds to a higher level of consciousness we all possess outside of the physical awareness (or physical conscious mind). Because we are not working with the physical dimension and physical matter (energy activations and these energetic structures that we call chakras are mostly within the astral dimension), energy activations can be done just as effectively in person or over distance on the other side of the world.

Receiving an energy activation is a very fast, safe and powerful way to grow spirituality and to experience energy.

By offering you the ability to channel healing energies and to perform self-healings whenever you feel the need to, energy activations open the door to many of the benefit of energy healing.

How to prepare for an energy activation (attunement)?

This information is for receiving a distance energy activation as part of an online course. All in-person energy activations will be guided by a qualified and registered Ashati teacher. Just before your scheduled distance energy activation time, sit down in a comfortable position and in a room where you will not be disturbed for about 30 minutes. Switch off the phone, ask people not to disturb you and play some relaxing music, if you like.

Then simply relax and follow the easy instructions that you will be provided online after registering for a course.

Most energy activations run for about 20 minutes, but some are longer and some shorter, so take your time. When you sense the energy activation has finished, simply open your eyes and take your time getting up. Please also make sure to drink lots of water that day and the following day.

What to expect during an energy activation (attunement)?

During the energy activation, you may feel warmth or a light breeze, tingling or numbness. You may also feel a lot more, get messages, visions, see colours or sense a loving presence around you. Or you may just feel really relaxed, sometimes simply because you are new to energy work and your senses haven't "learned" to connect to this level. Regardless of what you feel or don’t feel, the energy activation will work. Each person will have his or her own individual experience. Your experience may even be different each time you receive an energy activation. Sometimes, it may be stronger than other times. There is no right or wrong experience, but generally different experiences.

What to expect after an energy activation (attunement)?

Just after the energy activation, you will probably feel deeply relaxed and perhaps tired (although some people actually feel energized). Take good care of yourself during this time by eating well, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep. The energy activation will also start a chemical “detox” (which mirrors the energetic “detox”). The next day you may either still feel tired or on the contrary, quite energised.

Each energy activation is followed by a 21-day integration, clearing and healing period. Every day during that time, and for about 20-30 minutes on average, you will need to do a self-healing which will help your body integrate the higher energies, strengthen the natural channelling pathways and clear many blockages in your chakras and energy bodies. You will most likely find these self-healings extremely relaxing as well as very helpful with physical conditions, to balance emotions and to clear the mind, amongst many other benefits.

Most people really enjoy these self-healings and continue to do them after the integration period. It is recommended to perform them at least once or twice a week after the 21-day integration period for maintenance and to further your personal development.

What is the difference between spirituality and religion?

Spirituality is at the core of human existence and is essentially a universal sense that there is something greater than yourself. It is ultimately based on the energetic nature of our universe and body, and on the existence of consciousness beyond this physical reality (and its characteristics and abilities). People often seek spirituality to answer some of life’s big questions, to understand their purpose, to connect with their compassion and to develop an awareness beyond the physical and material world.

While many religions are based on these core spiritual values, some choose to narrow this perspective by creating rules, guidelines, division, consequences, fears and judgment. At the highest and purest form of spirituality these man made limitations simply do not exist, as spirituality is a reflection of life itself and the vast spectrum of individual journeys and personal lessons that come with it.

Is Ashati a religion or a cult?

No. Ashati is not a religion and is not a cult.

People with no knowledge or experience about energy healing practices sometimes wrongly categorise this type of work.

Ashati does not impose rules, practices and limiting beliefs, but instead promotes freedom from these concepts and helps to find what is true and what is right to each individual. The only practice Ashati recommends to do is what is called a “healing" (channelling energy during a meditation).

People are welcome to register in as little or as many courses as they feel ready to participate in without pressure or judgement. Apart from course fees, no other payments are requested.

Ashati does not support the worship of individuals, objects or even the organisation itself.

There are no restrictive rules, forced beliefs or invitations to change anything in one’s life, or to leave loved ones.

On the contrary, the Ashati courses are more about developing diversity and the uniqueness within each person. The courses are designed to be done over distance anywhere in the world. Once the person has benefited from the personal development journey Ashati has to offer them, they will simply go back to their lives with this new knowledge and access to powerful energies, which will help them be more balanced, less affected by negativity in general – in all shapes and forms – better understand and manage their own emotions and thoughts, and much more. Ashati initiates are encouraged to keep in touch with each other through an online platform. However, this is only for peer support with others who have experienced this often intense clearing and healing work. This participation is completely voluntary and offered as a free additional service to the courses.

Is it natural to be sceptical?

It is a natural human characteristic to be sceptical of the unknown or to be defensive when our core beliefs are challenged. Society encourages us to define our beliefs about the world early in life and these are often simply passed on from previous generations. As many people have started to question our basic social beliefs, so have some of them started to question the integrity of spirituality, mostly because this was often associated with religious institutions whose sometimes narrower perspectives of spirituality included rules, judgement and fears.

As with most things that we get defensive about, it can be fuelled by a lack of understanding or willingness to open our perspective. It is often healthier to acknowledge the challenge to our belief system and seek the necessary information and experiences to then make an informed decision. This can also remove the stress or anxiety associated with it.

There is no harm in trying something new with a sceptical but open mind. There is indeed nothing to lose, and perhaps a lot to gain…