Subconscious Healing Course Adelaide - Receiving Energy
Working with a group of like-minded people during a circle is an amazing experience that really amplifies the sensations and the benefits of all energy work, intuitive readings or meditations, whether in-person or over Zoom. This experience is something quite special that you will most likely enjoy and benefit from. Regular sessions also offer opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills as well as receive support and guidance to assist you on your healing and development journey, no matter what level you have already reached.

Ashati Circle

The Ashati Circle has been developed and improved over years, with extremely positive results and feedback. It is a great way for Ashati initiates to develop themselves personally, psychically and spiritually, and to further expand their skills and knowledge. The group energy and the opportunity to share feedback and learn from other participants are powerful and essential tools to fast-track one’s development while enjoying strong meditations, insightful activities and enjoying a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Mediumship Circle

The Mediumship Circle includes teachings and practical activities to help you understand, connect with and further develop your mediumship abilities, if you wish to explore this path (mediumship is an optional complementary skill which is not required if you don’t feel guided to explore it). It builds on from other training, especially the module Higher Senses, to learn to more easily receive and more effectively communicate messages from spirit guides and loved ones. These are very practical sessions as you will take part in a meditation to connect with your spirit guides and then participate in activities to give and also to receive messages from either spirit guides or loved ones. A brief document containing basic teachings on mediumship will also be provided to you and must be read before your first Mediumship Circle session.

Subconscious Exploration

The Subconscious Exploration is a wonderful and powerful opportunity to receive very advanced and strong healing energies in an amplified group environment, whether in-person or over distance / Zoom. These sessions combine mostly the healing energies from the Alsemia 5 to 12 levels, therefore working on physical healing and, most importantly, on emotional / mental / spiritual healing by exploring your own consciousness energy and the different layers that create your subconscious mind. These advanced group healing sessions can also assist with receiving more clarity, insights, realisations and inner guidance. The effects can be experienced right away or a few hours or even days later, as you integrate the energies and the healing and guidance received.

(Online / Zoom)

Operated by the Ashati Institute.

Yearly Subscription or One Time Session

Australian Dollars (converted to any currency)

Yearly Subscription: AU$225 per year (approx AU$10 per session)
One-Time Session: AU$25

• Prerequisites: Ashati 1 + Higher Senses Required First
• Attend unlimited circles / cancel anytime
• Includes: Ashati Circle / Mediumship Circle / Subconscious Exploration
• Sessions may be recorded for teacher training purposes and are permanently deleted after a few days (private break-out rooms are not recorded).


Please login to Zoom 15min before.

• Schedule subject to change depending on demand.
• Facilitated by Program Teachers from the Ashati Institute.

DROP-IN CLASS: Schedule and pricing is designed for most locations to be able to attend at least one session every two months on average, but you can attend as many as you wish to.

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Operated Independently by a Registered Teacher
In-Person: AU ACT Farrer Ashati Circle: Jodie Johnstone Contact For Details
In-Person: AU QLD Brisbane Ashati Circle: Svetlana Prokhorova Contact For Details
In-Person: AU QLD Palmwoods Ashati Circle: Mirka Pesek Contact For Details
In-Person: AU NSW Glebe & Online Ashati Circle & Subconscious Exploration: Jessica Parker Contact For Details
In-Person: Singapore Ashati Circle: Jaszmine Lau Contact For Details