Ashati Institute

The Ashati Institute is one of the world’s leading providers and creators of energy healing and ascension programs, for personal, spiritual and also professional development. The institute offers intensive and comprehensive personal development and energy healing training programs in person and over distance. These transformational journeys within and into the world of energy combine the unique Ashati System's energies with carefully selected additional and complementary energy systems.

These programs are offered to anyone interested in energy based and holistic healing, psychic, personal and spiritual development. These programs also offer advanced levels of recognised professional training in energy healing, meditation, intuitive guidance and psychic work.

You will receive an official certificate for all the courses that you complete with a registered Ashati teacher. These certificates are provided by the Ashati Institute directly and are the only certificates recognised for professional registration, insurance and to access higher levels of development / training. The Ashati System is also taught by teachers registered with the Ashati Institute, who offer these same courses within their own practice in many countries all over the world. Registration of teachers with the Ashati Institute ensures quality and consistency of training around the world, and provides support and additional tools and knowledge to teachers, whether they do this work professionally or simply to help friends and relatives.

Our Philosophy

The Ashati Institute believes in empowering people, so that they can heal and transform their entire being to achieve their highest and true purpose in this lifetime.

The Ashati Institute's philosophy is that, in order to achieve this, it is essential to learn about our energetic nature and the multi-dimensional universe we live in, and to also receive energy activations (attunements). These energetic changes enable anyone that is willing to open their mind and being to new perspectives to access powerful healing energies and to start a journey of expansion, clearing and healing.

The Ashati institute ultimately believes that peace and harmony on a global scale can only be achieved by bringing peace and harmony within each of us.

This philosophy is behind everything that the Ashati Institute stands for and delivers.

Jerome Baudel

Founder of Ashati
"There is something between science and the essence of spirituality, between modern and ancient knowledge, between the expected and what we still call miracles. We simply call it energy and that is what we teach and let you experience for yourself."   Jerome Baudel

"It is mostly our own beliefs about who we are that limit our achievements, individually and collectively. And it is these same beliefs that filter our perception about our true nature and the abundance of our world. Ashati was given to us to break free from this cycle of belittlement, to find our true place in the universe, manifest our potential and expand the source of it, our consciousness." Jerome Baudel
Jerome Baudel - Founder of Ashati
From an early age, Jerome was fascinated by the influence of culture and language on the mind and how we experience and live our lives. At the age of 18, Jerome left his family and home in France to discover other cultures. He spent several years living, working and at times studying in different countries, starting with the USA, to then move to Ireland and, later, Australia, where he currently resides. Jerome completed a bachelor degree in psychology, and then pursued his passion for the mind with the exploration of psychotherapies and the completion of post-graduate modules in psychology.

Feeling ready to explore many ‘unexplained’ experiences he had lived or witnessed over the years, Jerome decided to open his mind to more, and to embrace the path of spiritual development and energy healing. Over the years, he was trained in several energy healing modalities, divination practices and spiritual development approaches. His main goal was to complement what science had taught him, to explain the remaining mysteries of our world and consciousness, and to unite modern science and ancient energy healing abilities. He became a practitioner, teacher, author and an international leader in the field of energy healing, personal development and spiritual awakening. All the energies, techniques and knowledge that he discovered on this journey were eventually poured into the current Ashati, Ascension and Alsemia branches of the Ashati system, which have already been received by thousands of initiates around the world.
"Ashati is by far, to me, the most powerful system I have come across. I am basing this on my own Ashati journey over years and the amazing feedback I and other Ashati teachers all over the world receive every week. Even though I did a lot of training and went on a long and profound personal development journey and spiritual quest years before Ashati came into my life, a much deeper transformation, for me, started with my first Ashati energy activations. And the fact is that I never thought there was more to do, back then, in terms of personal and spiritual development - Just like every new higher level was a complete surprise to me, and a new and completely unexpected level of awareness, sensations, connection to something deeper and truer in me, and much more. This is my own experience, although shared by many too. Everyone will have their own, depending on their sensitivity to energy, their past (what is subconsciously and consciously affecting them today), their personality, their eagerness to free themselves from their inner demons, their past-life work in spiritual development, their current situation, their ability to open their mind to new perspectives and a lot more. I can’t guarantee what each person will feel and experience, as this is not me nor even just the energies doing the work, it is the person, guided by something much deeper and in essence much more powerful within them. As I always say, you will know if Ashati is right for you if your intuition leads you to it, and if a strong sense of excitement about this work sparks within you." Jerome Baudel