Alsemia Overview

Energy is everything. It is ultimately the source of matter, it is what creates our planet, our bodies, but also our spirit, soul, thoughts and emotions. Energy based healing and personal development work has the potential to change your life, and the life of those around you.

Alsemia is a form of magnified energy healing and personal development focused on the physical body and the energies and energy bodies directly affecting it. This form of energy work and development has the potential to help you release deeply buried stress and blockages affecting your physical body. Many people have seen amazing effects in their life, health and wellbeing as a result of removing these energies, filling their being with a wide variety of etheric healing energies, and boosting the naturally powerful self-healing abilities of the human body.

These effects are the direct result of acquiring the ability to perform frequent, short and often incredibly relaxing healings on yourself. These only take a few minutes and will start a self-healing process that will continue for hours or days.

In order to do these healings for yourself, and later on for others, you will need to receive the Alsemia energy activations. There is one energy activation per level, and these will directly work on your being on the energetic level to give you access to a wide range of energies, for healing and cleansing purpose. Such energy activations are very safe and under the control of what we call your own higher-self. They are in themselves a deep healing and often felt as a ‘magical’ experience, especially with the more advanced levels and once you have developed your sensitivity to energy.

One of the many strengths of Alsemia is that this one system gives access to a wide range of energies for physical healing that are normally only accessible by combining many other systems, such as Reiki, Seichem, Golden Dragon, Kundalini Reiki, etc. – all associated with the astral dimension. It also includes access to many more healing energies from this same dimension, and later on, with the higher levels, from higher dimensions as well.

In addition, the integration of these energy activations seems to be much easier than the other Ashati energy activations (which work on the chakras) and give you the ability to work with energy in a way that is less ‘technical’, therefore making them much easier to incorporate into your daily life or to other healing modalities.

For these reasons and many more, Alsemia 1 is considered a great first step in your personal development journey, just after Ashati 1, which also contains more information about the energetic structures in your being and the dimensions of our universe.