Ascension Overview

A more advanced part of this personal and spiritual development journey within the Ashati system is called “Ascension”. These five levels and energy activations are about creating deeper and permanent changes to the very structure of your chakras and energy bodies. They are available to initiates who have completed Ashati 3 and who feel ready for much deeper reconnection to their spirit, higher senses, inner guidance and for all the development and healing this metamorphosis will naturally facilitate.

Energetic ascension is a natural process that all spiritual masters, through time and civilisations, have sought to achieve. This process of evolution is now available in full to humanity through this revolutionary and unique system.

Ascension is about activating a completely natural and safe evolutionary process that is believed to be coded and dormant in our multi-dimensional being and its DNA. It is therefore simply a matter of activating these higher levels of development, one at a time, giving you enough time to integrate the energetic changes and to let all the associated healing and clearing processes unfold within each stage.

Each level of Ascension is focused on the actual energetic transformation, with enough information within the associated manual and video to really understand these changes and what to expect after each energy activation. Some additional knowledge about the dimension, their specific beings, and therefore about our universe and your place within it, is also offered through the five level training. The techniques to perform healing work, psychic readings, clearings, chakra balancing, etc., will remain unchanged through this Ascension training, with the exception of a new method of self-healing and its higher vibrational energies, which will complement the previously learned techniques. The energy activations will however unveil new levels, or potential, of higher senses and healing ability helping you reach higher levels of knowledge, skills and development through your own experience and inner guidance.

Although the complete Ascension journey is recommended to reach your full potential, you may feel satisfied with your transformation and healing process after completing some courses only. Indeed, it is not required to receive the complete Ascension program to greatly benefit from it.

The Ascension 21-day integration periods are often felt as much easier and gentler than for the previous Ashati levels – with the exception of Ascension 1, which can also in some cases release repressed energies when these haven’t been processed in prior stages of development.