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Subconscious Healing Workshops Sydney

Homer St Earlwood, Sydney
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Subconscious Healing Workshops Sydney

Energy Activations

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• Alsemia 5-12 Manual
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Subconscious Healing Workshops Sydney
Homer St Earlwood, Sydney


Subconscious Healing Workshops Sydney
Private Workshops: Christiane Valette
Subconscious Healing Course Sydney Venue 1
Subconscious Healing Course Sydney Venue 2
Subconscious Healing Course Sydney Accredited Association
Subconscious Healing Course Sydney Accredited Association
Subconscious Healing Course Sydney - Receiving Energy
The Alsemia Training is a very high-level program, and a potentially profound personal / spiritual development journey, based on a much more advanced aspect of energy healing, unique energy activations, and powerful energies. This program complements the Ascension Training, whose main energy activations (Ascension 1 to 5, and Alsemia 4) are essential in order to receive these final levels and energetic connections.
This program is centred on what, in the Ashati System, is called Consciousness Energy, a much more advanced aspect of energy healing and spiritual teachings, unique to this program.

What is Consciousness Energy?

Consciousness energy is a completely different type of energy, one that creates the sense of awareness / consciousness, and that comes directly from a much higher dimension before it is divided into a seemingly infinite number of individual “strings of consciousness” (spirits).

The previous programs (Healer Training, Master Training and Ascension Training) focused on the chakras and the energy bodies your consciousness energy has incarnated into: a spirit body (the very creation of your existence as an individual spark of consciousness and vibration, created within the spirit realm, an extremely long time ago), a soul light body and a soul body (in order to go through the soul journey and experience the soul realm, also a long time ago), and a physical body (offering again and again, with each physical incarnation, new ways to experience life and to learn). Each of these main levels, and all the additional astral energy bodies (lower and higher astral bodies), influenced your consciousness energy as you experienced it in the physical body. This “physical consciousness” also requires a physical / biological organ to “translate” these energies into physical awareness and bodily responses, and therefore for us to experience thoughts and emotions within the physical body. This organ is the brain and all the physical systems connected to it (i.e. nervous system, endocrine system, etc.)

However, the physical body, its brain and chakra system are not naturally able to connect with all the “vibrations”, or levels, that exist within your entire consciousness energy. This means that, even though someone who has completed the Ascension Training is directly connected to their spirit energy body, their physical consciousness is still only a fraction of their spirit consciousness energy.

The levels of consciousness energy between physical awareness and spirit awareness create set levels of subconscious (subconscious to us, physical beings), which the higher Alsemia energies are going to help the physical consciousness (and brain) reconnect with and explore. This process, with these energies, feels a lot like a deep trance regression that a trained Ashati Practitioner can perform for themselves and others during Subconscious Explorations™.

What will this bring to my personal / spiritual development?

These energy activations will enable you to explore your consciousness energy on higher levels (which create the main levels of your subconscious). This exploration feels a lot like a regression within your own mind, yet connecting with higher levels of knowledge and awareness (similarly to deep hypnosis, and even sometimes past-life regression). It will also give you access to a more advanced way to receive guidance from your own highest-self (your spirit's consciousness energy level). All this will most likely enable you to go through more stages of healing and self-development, understand more about yourself, your mind, your existence beyond this lifetime and much more. This is again (like all Ashati stages of development and associated courses), directed by yourself and based on your own reconnection and experiences.

An expansion of your intuitive connection and inner guidance is also expected as you integrate each level.

Furthermore, the Alsemia 5 and 6 energy activations will enable you to facilitate much deeper healing on the physical level, this time working directly on the energies within the physical matter: the elemental and universal dimensional energies.

What will this bring to my professional practice?

Although you can complete this program for your own personal development only, it can also bring a whole new level of energies, abilities and even services to your Ashati professional practice, with even stronger energetic sensations and much deeper experiences for your future clients.

All the above healing and reconnection benefits can indeed be shared with others by adding a Subconscious Exploration™ to the Ashati healings, standard Alsemia healings (using Alsemia 1, 2 and 3), intuitive guidance and energy / entity clearing work that you are already able to offer. Your clients will get to feel very strong energies and trance / meditative states (induced in moments only by simply calling specific higher Alsemia energies in a pre-set order that matches the journey through the levels of the subconscious).

They will also be able to become more conscious of what subconsciously affects them, and to receive more clarity, insights, realisations and inner guidance - right away during the healings / meditations, or a few hours or days later as they integrate the energies and messages that they were able to subconsciously channel, or rather “download”, during the session with you. Such outcomes were already possible with previous levels of training within Ashati / Alsemia / Ascension. However, they will be taken to a whole new and much higher level with this program’s energies and techniques.

These energy activations will enable you to use these higher Alsemia energies and techniques for yourself or for someone else. The capacity to provide these energies to a large group of people requires an additional energy activation and energetic connection: Alsemia 13.

How long does it take to complete this program?

There are at least eight energy activations to receive and integrate. Each one must be scheduled a minimum of 21-days apart. Therefore, you will need at least about six months to complete this program in its entirety.

What is a Subconscious Exploration™ (Ashati System)?

The energies and methods used in this unique and advanced form of healing will help recipients reach a deep meditative state in order to explore their subconscious and the knowledge, issues, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, fears, and other energies within it that affect them and that they need to reconnect with as part of their own healing and development journey (including possible karmic relationships with others, past-lives and life-between-lives energies).

This remarkably profound trance-like meditative state will be naturally and quickly induced by specific waves of energy, and guided by the recipient’s own higher-self (a much higher part of their own subconscious mind). This energetic work will facilitate profound healing on many levels, as required for that session, and will enable the recipient to connect and explore different layers of their subconscious mind, with the guidance of their practitioner along the way and afterwards.

A client will simply sit (ideally in a reclined and comfortable seat) or lie down, fully dressed and perhaps with a blanket (in cold weather), while an Ashati Practitioner specifically trained for this advanced method of healing will bring waves of different energies into their entire being (no hands-on work is required during this type of healing). This energetic work will often be felt as a very deep relaxation, rich in energetic sensations, and with the feeling of reconnecting with higher and higher levels within one’s own subconscious mind, sometimes even to feelings and memories from beyond this lifetime and this dimension - if the person is open, ready and willing to do this (not mandatory).

The many different types of advanced healing energies will facilitate a natural and deep healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. A lot of guidance and new insights are often received during the session itself, or within the next few days, as the energies get integrated and the conscious mind processes them (becoming aware of them). The strong healing energies may make some people fall asleep, especially if their body is not used to deep energetic work. The healing effects will however remain exactly the same, as the session is more about receiving the energies, and most of the healing work will actually take place during the following few days. The practitioner will guide the recipient through this process and will also be able to tune into the recipient’s energy to provide feedback and advice afterwards.

These Subconscious Explorations™ can be offered by themselves (often during one-hour appointments) or combined with additional and complementary energy healing work (often during one-and-a-half-hour appointments), also bringing the powerful Alsemia (levels 1 to 3) and Ashati energies into the body, the aura (all its energy bodies) and the chakras of a person. These sessions, by themselves or combined with other Ashati System’s energies and techniques, are only the very beginning of a deep healing and spiritual awakening journey, whether the person is starting their journey or has already reached high levels of development. These Subconscious Explorations™, usually intense and very rich in sensations, are indeed for anyone seeking relaxation, healing (all levels of their being), answers to questions about what is affecting them in this life and possibly from previous lives, who they are as a soul and spirit, or simple curiosity or intuitive guidance, for example.

Although open to anyone, the Subconscious Explorations™ require to have an open mind about the existence of subconscious issues and energies, energy centres, energy healing, the soul and the process of reincarnation. An acceptance to go through the healing process afterwards is also essential. This may indeed bring to the surface repressed emotions and other energies that they are ready to feel and release once and for all, as guided by the higher aspect of their subconscious mind: their higher-self. Some tiredness, sensitivity, irritability and other light symptoms are possible during a few days after a session, due to this deep healing process. A lot of positive feelings, clarity, new levels of balance and reconnection are also expected from this intense healing and development period, which can be life-changing.

Alsemia 13 (no cost) - Optional Alsemia 12 marks the end of your Alsemia Training program. However, you will also be able to access Alsemia 13 (at no cost) after registering for Alsemia 12 (Alsemia 12 is a prerequisite).

Alsemia 13 creates a unique and high-dimensional energetic connection that will enable you to perform group healings with the Alsemia energies (Alsemia 1, 2 and 3, as well as the waves of Subconscious Exploration energies, from Alsemia 5 to Alsemia 12). This healing work for groups, whether there are a couple of individuals or hundreds, will be anchored by yourself and this new energetic connection. This will enable the required energies, as you request them, to be provided directly to each group healing participant, without diminishing the initial flow of healing energies.

This level is different to the previous ones as its energy activation is not for personal development but mostly to provide a specific professional ability: offering Group Healings. Furthermore, it is a 'temporary' energy activation, or energy ‘connection', which will stay with you only for as long as you need it (for as long as you are meant to offer these types of Group Healings). It is recommended to schedule this optional energy activation (and access its manual) a few weeks before you are ready to offer these group healings.

The group healing experiences are often extremely rich in sensations, lead to deep healing and profound meditative, trance-like states. The energy sensations and the healing that will unfold during the session and for the following 21 days, as well as the re-connection to higher parts of their subconscious mind and multi-dimensional self, can be experienced by many as extra-ordinary and life-changing for many people, especially beginners. The focus of these group healing sessions is not on teaching content. It is more about providing an intense and profound energy healing experience, using some of the most powerful energies available for this purpose, and relying on the group structure and room set-up to amplify the sensations and the connection.

In addition to the deep healing work that can be facilitated, these events are in many ways the energy healing equivalent to Platform Mediumship. Indeed, they offer an audience the opportunity to really feel energy and the reality of the non-physical dimensions and non-physical parts of ourselves. This can transform a person’s perspective on their own life and life in general in profound and deeply positive ways, helping them find more peace and connect with their own path of healing and personal development.


Subconscious Healing Workshops Sydney
The Alsemia Training’s energy activations will give you the ability to facilitate even deeper and more effective healing on the physical level, this time from “within matter”, mostly with Alsemia 5 and 6. In addition, the higher energy activations within this program (Alsemia 7 to 12) will take your abilities even further by enabling you to facilitate Subconscious Explorations™, for yourself and others, in order to connect with, explore and heal parts of the subconscious mind (within all its layers), this time directly on the consciousness energy level (all the way to the highest level within one’s own consciousness energy).

   Subconscious Healing Course Sydney Accredited Association


Subconscious Healing Workshops Sydney
• Advanced teachings about energy healing and consciousness.
• A commitment to helping yourself and to potentially transforming your life.
• A personal development and professional training program designed to help you make the most of your skills, time and money.
• A unique set of skills and consciousness-focused energies to take your professional practice to completely new levels, enabling you to perform Subconscious Explorations™.
• Access to new and even more powerful physical healing energies.
• Online access to all the course content.
• Receive support and guidance throughout your entire journey.
• The invaluable support from past and current participants, who are at various stages of their Ashati journey, through the online community forum.
Some of the other benefits of this empowering and life changing advanced energy healing practitioner course include relieving stress, quietening the mind, exploring the subconscious mind, healing the physical body, releasing repressed emotions, breaking negative patterns, developing intuition, understanding how thoughts create reality, discovering ancient and modern energy healing systems and ways to tap into the latent power of your psyche.
Subconscious Healing Course Sydney - Learn in Sydney

Energy Activations

Each level includes an energy activation, which is a profound healing and spiritual experience. These will energetically expand your chakra system as well as activate a new level of energetic development and / or a connection to a specific healing energy that you will then be able to channel during energy healings and meditations, for yourself and others. Each energy activation is followed by a deeply transformative 21-day integration period during which it is recommended to practice daily short self-healing meditations at home, with the assistance of an optional guided meditation track (provided as part of ASHATI 1). Energy activations are often rich in sensations, profoundly relaxing and inspiring. They are the key to the amazing personal development, spiritual awakening and accelerated healing that most notice straight away when embarking on this subconscious healing course in Sydney. More Information about Energy Activations.
Subconscious Healing Course Sydney

Jerome Baudel

Founder of Ashati
Jerome Baudel - Founder of Ashati - Subconscious Healing Course Sydney

"There is something between science and the essence of spirituality, between modern and ancient knowledge, between the expected and what we still call miracles. We simply call it energy and that is what we teach and let you experience for yourself." Full Biography

Chrirtiane Valette

Private Workshops Teacher - Sydney
Subconscious Healing Course Sydney Teacher
Born in France, Christiane settled in Australia in 1986. She has had a life-long interest in healing and spiritual development, which led her to meeting Jerome Baudel and starting her studies in many energy systems. However, she was particularly drawn to Ashati, its powerful energies and the amazing transformation it provided at all levels. She embarked on her journey of healing, mentally and emotionally, discovered how thoughts and beliefs create our reality, and reconnected with her higher and true self. She is now a highly trained healer, with strong intuitive abilities, particularly claircognisance (knowing - intuition). She practices meditation and energy self-healing on a regular basis to maintain optimal health and a clear spiritual connection. Having reached the highest levels within the Ashati System with Alsemia 13, Christiane is passionate about helping others through teaching and healing, which she was able to identify as her true purpose in this life.


Each workshop offered by the Ashati Institute is designed for people wishing to embark and progressively advance on an amazing and profoundly transformative journey. However, these subconscious healing workshops also provide comprehensive training in energy healing (incl. in Ascension and Alsemia), whether this is for personal development, to help your children, friends and relatives, or to set up a successful professional practice. The cost of your program may be tax deductible if you choose to work professionally.
The Alsemia Training program certificate includes the following certifications:

Alsemia 12: Subconscious Exploration™ Practitioner
Alsemia 13: Group Subconscious Exploration™ Practitioner

The generic qualification of "Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher" can also be used.

Visit Qualifications for more details about the Ashati services you can offer.

Accreditation with the Energy Therapies Association

If you wish to work as an energy healing / Reiki / Ashati practitioner or energy healing / Reiki / Ashati teacher, joining a professional association will help you set higher standards of professionalism and ethics. It will also show potential clients that you have received adequate training and that you are following an appropriate Code of Conduct.

Membership with the Energy Therapies Association Includes:
• 1 year FREE membership (after completion of Ashati 2)
• FREE “Professional Practice” manual
• Membership certificate
• Code of Conduct
• Use of the Energy Therapies Association’s logos for marketing
• Recommended professional insurance policies for a list of countries
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This program is accredited by the:
Energy Therapies Association
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 Professional Coaching
Private coaching sessions for setting up or developing a healing or teaching practice.

Workshops Content

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Alsemia 5

Energy activation (also called energy attunement).

Unique Access to Energies from the Elemental Dimension
(2nd dimension - for a new and deeper form of physical healing)

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Alsemia 6

Energy activation (also called energy attunement).

Unique Access to Energies from the Universal Dimension
(1st dimension - for an even deeper form of physical healing)

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Alsemia 7

Energy activation (also called energy attunement).

Connection to the “Consciousness Energy”
(higher form of energy detailed and explored in this program, which is at the core of our multi-dimensional existence, healing and development)

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Alsemia 8

Energy activation (also called energy attunement).

Access to the First Layer of the Subconscious
(for personal healing and development)

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Alsemia 9

Energy activation (also called energy attunement).

Access to the Second Layer of the Subconscious
(for deeper personal healing and development)

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Alsemia 10

Energy activation (also called energy attunement).

Access to the Third Layer of the Subconscious
(for deeper personal healing and development)

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Alsemia 11

Energy activation (also called energy attunement).

Access to the Fourth Layer of the Subconscious
(accessing information beyond this lifetime)

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Alsemia 12

Energy activation (also called energy attunement).

Access to the Fifth and Highest Layer of the Subconscious
(reconnection to the "higher-self")

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Alsemia 13

Optional - No Cost
Energy activation (also called energy attunement).

Offer Group Healings using the Alsemia 5 to 12 energies
(for professional development)