Ashati Overview

The first three levels of the Ashati system (ASHATI 1, ASHATI 2 and ASHATI 3) are focused on emotional healing and mental healing. It is a unique and revolutionary program that will guide you on a fast-tracked healing and personal development journey, whilst teaching you about your multi-dimensional being and our multi-dimensional universe.

These energies and the changes created by the energy activation of each level are completely different from Reiki and other energy healing systems. Ashati is focused on "consciousness", its emotions, thoughts, beliefs, higher senses, development, expansion and reconnection to higher levels. The immense healing and manifestation abilities it provides can be considered as a welcomed side-effect of this enlightening process and the going back to the source of your true nature and your true self.

Through a series of powerful energy activations, changes to the structure of your chakra system will enable you to channel intense healing energies, expand your awareness, reach new levels of perception (even beyond the physical reality), explore your mind and emotions, and much more. This energetic work can remove repressed emotions, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, past-life traumas and ultimately bring you back to the source of your being and consciousness, also helping you to manifest the life you truly want along the way. All this will assist you in finding health and balance, but also positively transform your life and the life of your loved ones.

Each energy activation starts a 21-day clearing, healing and transformation period. The course content provides all the tools needed to understand these changes and develop many new skills and abilities. Whether this is for a personal healing and ascension journey, or for professional development as a psychic, healer or teacher, initiates all over the world have been amazed by the profound change they have observed in their own being and in their lives.