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Ashati Reiki Chakras Healing

Ashati Reiki Course Chakras Healing

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The Master Training is one of the most advanced master level energy healing - Reiki courses offered in Seattle and internationally. Combining the world's top energy healing systems, it is designed to facilitate an even deeper personal and spiritual development journey, and to help you express and manifest your true self and your life's mission.

The main focus of this program is on advanced healing abilities, further psychic and spiritual development, as well as manifestation and energy / entity clearing. It may also be used as an accredited professional qualification (advanced practitioner and / or teacher).
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Accredited Ashati Reiki Course  

Seattle Reiki Course Seattle Venue
  Seattle Reiki Course Seattle Venue
Seattle Venue: Seattle Reiki Course Venue   Seattle Venue: Seattle Reiki Course Venue
Reiki Course Journey
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Guided Reiki Course
Meet Jerome Baudel and be guided through every step of your journey.
Energy Healing Reiki Course MEET LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE
Develop your skills and meet other people on the same path.
Reiki Course Content and Attunements EXPLORE NEW CONTENT
Additional online videos and guided audio meditations to access for 1 year.
Reiki Course Support EMAIL SUPPORT
+ Connect with hundreds of other users in the Ashati community forum.

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This Seattle Reiki / energy healing course includes an intensive and practical live workshop with the founder of Ashati, JEROME BAUDEL. You can also plan a trip away and travel to one of the many other national and international locations. The Seattle Reiki / energy healing live workshop includes energy activations (also called attunements), group healings performed by Jerome Baudel, hands-on energy healing practise, powerful meditations, higher senses / intuitive development, oracle card readings and other group psychic development activities.

This program also includes additional online content to access at home in preparation for and after the live workshop, including distance energy activations, comprehensive manuals, tutorial videos, audio meditations and the online community forum.


Energy activations are at the core of this type of energy healing work. They can provide amazing sensations, extraordinary experiences, deep and accelerated healing, as well as a profound personal development and spiritual enlightenment journey. An energy activation (or attunement) is an advanced energetic and therefore spiritual experience during which a qualified Master Teacher safely activates new levels of natural development of specific parts of your chakras and energy bodies. Most energy activations will give you access to specific healing energies to heal yourself and others, and will also expand your higher senses and intuition.

The Master Training combines many complementary energy activations. The energy activations included in this comprehensive Seattle Reiki / energy healing course are:

Ashati System:

Please click on each of the above courses to read more about their energy activations and energies.

Energy activations should be followed by daily self-healings for 21-days as described in the course manuals. This deeply transformative 21-day period of self-healing, clearing and integration is at the core of this work and its many reported benefits. Some tiredness and other occasional light symptoms may be experienced during the 21-day integration periods. These are however temporary and part of a natural process which is connected to the integration of changes and energies, the release of unnecessary physical, emotional, mental or even higher vibrational energies, and the development of chakras and energy channels.

Distance energy activations that are scheduled through are currently performed by
(Founder of Ashati).

The benefits of this Seattle Reiki / energy healing course include:
  • A discount on courses and workshops in this program (discount already applied).
  • A commitment to helping yourself and to potentially transforming your life.
  • A personal development and professional training program designed to help you make the most of your skills, time and money.
  • Online access to all the course content covered in the live workshop, plus additional preparation and post live workshop energy activations, videos, audio meditations and other content.
  • Attend a small group live workshop in your city or plan a retreat getaway and travel to another location.
  • Meet and learn directly from the founder of Ashati, Jerome Baudel.
  • Practical small group live workshop with insightful and fun activities based on healing and psychic development.
  • Amazing meditations full of energy work, energy sensations, connection to guides and much more.
  • The ability to channel and feel intense energies flowing out of your hands for healing.
  • The invaluable support of peers from your group and from past and future participants through the online community forum.
  • The opportunity to learn from Ascension Training participants, who may take part in some activities.
  • Unique further development opportunities towards advanced levels of energetic ascension and spiritual development.
  • The ability to join a worldwide and progressive energy healing network.
  • 1 year FREE membership (after Ashati 2) with the Energy Therapies Association.
Some of the other benefits of this empowering and life changing Seattle Reiki / energy healing course include relieving stress, quietening the mind, healing the physical body, releasing repressed emotions, breaking negative patterns, developing intuition, understanding how thoughts create reality, discovering ancient and modern energy healing systems and ways to tap into the latent power of your psyche.

The workshop covers all the necessary information to guide you through your entire journey, including energy activations, meditations, healing work and psychic development activities. The individual courses include online access to manuals, tutorial videos, audio tracks & certificates.

Workshop Preparation (Online)
Deposit Payment: US Reiki Distance M1 - Secure your place now (limited places). REGISTER ONLINE
You will get instant access to the manuals and tutorial videos for Ashati 3 and Reiki 3 / Seichem 3. The energy activations will be done during the Live Workshop.

Live Workshop
Payment 2: US Reiki Distance M1
- Due 1 week before the live workshop to confirm your attendance.
This workshop covers all the necessary information to guide you through your entire Master Training journey. It also includes energy activations, meditations, healing work and psychic development activities.
ASHATI 3 Advanced Practitioner & Master Qualification
REIKI 3 Advanced Practitioner & Master-Teacher Qualification
SEICHEM 3 Advanced Practitioner & Master-Teacher Qualification
SPIRIT GUIDES MEDITATION Guided Meditation to Connect with your Spirit Guides
ASHATI GUIDES MEDITATION Guided Meditation to Connect with the Ashati Guides

Additional Distance Energy Activations
Payments 3 & 4: US Reiki Distance M1 + US Reiki Distance M1 - Payable when you feel ready anytime within 12 months. Should you not complete these payments within 12 months, you can still receive the certificates for the courses completed during the live workshop and later on purchase additional courses at the regular price. All listed courses must be completed to receive the IICT accredited Master Training certificate.
SOUL RESCUE Psychic Development / Entity Clearing / Mediumship
ASCENSION 1 Advanced Energetic Ascension Level: Higher-Self Activation
ALSEMIA 3 Advanced Practitioner Qualification
GOLDEN DRAGON 2 Advanced Practitioner & Teacher Qualification
KUNDALINI REIKI 1-9 Master-Teacher Qualification

These additional distance energy activations provide powerful healing energies to take your healing journey and your abilities to new heights. This includes self-healings to do at home.

Attendance to the live workshop is included as part of the:

This program is also available over DISTANCE with the same energy activations, content, qualification and unlimited support so that you are guided through your entire Ashati journey.


This Seattle Reiki program offers an affordable, intensive and comprehensive energy healing journey. Combining many popular and powerful energy systems, including Ashati and Reiki, this insightful and inspiring Seattle Reiki / energy healing course will give you all the knowledge, healing energies, practice, confidence and support you need to start and fast-track your healing journey, your spiritual growth, your psychic development, and to even obtain professional skills as an high-level energy healing practitioner and / or teacher, if you wish to work in this field (which can also complement other modalities such as massage therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, meditation, teaching...).

Like the Seattle Reiki HEALER TRAINING, this Seattle Master Training course is centred on your personal journey and first-hand experience of Ashati, Reiki and energy healing. Through comprehensive training and this work on yourself, you will learn advanced techniques and acquire additional knowledge and experience to practice energy healing on yourself and others, whether it is to help friends and relatives, or to start or develop a professional practice. There are no exams, tests or assignments. The only thing that is absolutely required is a willingness to expand your mind, to feel and work with energy, to allow change and healing in your life (for your "highest good", as directed by a higher part of your being and consciousness that we call the higher-self), and to expand your awareness, most likely beyond what you thought was possible.

This insightful and inspiring Seattle energy healing course will take your healing abilities, psychic skills and spiritual development to much higher levels, whilst increasing your confidence and creating deeper and even more amazing changes to your chakra system and energy bodies. You will receive many higher-level energy activations to tremendously boost the power of your healings, and to enable you to work on all the levels of your body and mind. You will also receive revolutionary information about the make-up of our multi-dimensional universe, being and mind.

This Master Training is ultimately focused on spiritual development and reconnection to much higher levels of intuition, inner guidance, psychic abilities, healing energies, etc. Most of the more "intense" healing work (and the possible associated symptoms) has usually been integrated before getting to this level. This program is therefore usually felt as easier to integrate, and more about re-aligning with an even higher aspect of yourself and our universe, something often felt as an inspiring and insightful journey.

Whether you wish to deeply further your own personal development and spiritual growth, take your healing practice to the next level or start teaching workshops, this is undoubtedly one of the most powerful, life-changing and yet affordable investments you can do to improve yourself and your whole life. If you are considering working in energy healing, this program is especially recommended to acquire advanced practitioner training, and essential to become a master-teacher and train others, professionally or simply to help friends and relatives.

This Seattle Reiki / energy healing course includes:

  • An intensive and practical Reiki / energy healing live workshop.
  • The most comprehensive selection of energy activations (including Ashati and Reiki).
  • A detailed course manual for each energy activation.
  • Internationally recognised certificate in Reiki / Energy Healing by the IICT.
  • Additional online content to access in preparation for and after the live workshop.
  • Access to unique meditations (guided visualisations / audio-tracks) and to the Ashati community forum.

Accredited Certificate

The Master Training certificate includes the below qualifications to become a successful and effective energy / Reiki healer, whether this is for your own benefit, to help your children, friends and relatives, or to set up a professional practice.

  • Energy Healing Practitioner
  • Ashati Advanced Practitioner & master
  • Alsemia Advanced Practitioner
  • Reiki Advanced Practitioner & Master-Teacher
  • Seichem Advanced Practitioner & Master-Teacher
  • Golden Dragon Advanced Practitioner & Teacher
  • Medium
Visit Qualifications for more details of the services you can offer.

Training in First Aid is recommended if you wish to work in this field (not included in this Reiki / energy healing course Seattle). This is a requirement in some countries.

Professional Association Membership

The Seattle Master Training is designed for people wishing to heal and develop personally / spiritually, and also for people wishing to train as energy healing practitioners and / or teachers. Although this is often optional (not a legal requirement), joining a professional association (e.g. Reiki, Energy Healing, Complementary or Holistic Healing Association) will help you to set higher standards of professionalism and ethics, with additional support, advertising opportunities, on-going training, etc. Please check if legal requirements exist in your country / state.

The Master Training is accredited by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and entitles you to 50% off the first year full membership as well as discounted insurance as an Energy Healing / Reiki Practitioner, Reiki & Seichem Master-Teacher and Medium. The Master Training qualification is also recognised by other associations, including the International Association of Reiki Professionals ($10 discount available upon completion of this course).

Further Development

After the completion of this program, you will have the option to continue with much deeper work in reconnection and personal development with the ASCENSION TRAINING.
This includes even more powerful and potentially life-changing energy activations focused on the advanced energetic ascension process, unique to the Ashati system. This level 3 program is especially about the deeper connection to your own essence, your spirit, and the disconnection from lower levels of energy, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, etc. The emphasis is therefore on a whole new level of spiritual and psychic development.

You are welcome to receive the Ashati Teacher training, join the ASHATI NETWORK as a Master-Teacher, and offer the Ashati 1, 2 and 3 courses in your region. This is a professional training for an extremely enjoyable and deeply rewarding new career, or a part-time activity to bring more balance into your life by working in this field and helping people heal and transform their lives.


Ashati 3 more details
Advanced Practitioner & Master Qualification
Teaching Ashati requires the completion of the ASHATI TEACHER course (currently included)
LIVE WORKSHOP: Energy Activation / Healing Practise
Manual / Tutorial Video

This third level opens up chakras above your crown (outside your physical body), connects you to your higher-self and your spirit within it, and provides you with the energies, techniques and knowledge to become an Ashati master. This energy activation greatly increases your potential to fast track and further your personal development. It is the start of the reconnection to the spirit and the gateway towards the much more advanced Ascension courses. It will also give you the ability to perform the Ashati 1, 2 and 3 energy activations for others, should you decide to also register for the ASHATI TEACHER course and receive the training and additional knowledge you need to become a registered Ashati Master-Teacher.

After the energy activation and the creation of the connection to your higher-self and to the soul light dimension, you will be able to connect to your spirit and this much higher dimension at will. This connection will create a deeper sense of relaxation and a new level of awareness. You will then be able to access and use at will a very powerful, unique and wide range of energy from the 6th dimension, and to manifest them in many different ways, from balancing chakras in seconds, performing a new level of psychic readings, clearing unnecessary energies and even healing the soul, mind and emotions, and much more. The Ashati 3 energies are to be used in addition to the Ashati 1 and Ashati 2 energies and their methods of healing and development. This level and its energy activation will help you develop your mind and psychic abilities even further. This training is also often described as the “manifestation master” level.

Soul Rescue more details
Psychic Development / Entity Clearing / Mediumship
ONLINE CONTENT: Manual / Tutorial Video / Distance Energy Activation

Crossing over entities involves healing work based on compassion. It is about helping souls that are lost and often confused, as well as the humans they energetically affect and who often suffer psychological or even physical symptoms. This work is completely safe, empowering and very rewarding. On a more personal level, it will also give you the tools to make sure that entities no longer affect you, your home and your loved ones.

Despite common fears about the unseen and the misunderstood, entities are simply “regular” souls trapped in the astral dimension (the dimension just above the physical world, in terms of energy frequency). The different types of entities and the various reasons for their being trapped rather than moving on to a higher dimension will be described in the manual. Entities are very common and most people will have a connection to an entity at some stage in their lifetime, often for a few months to a few years, regardless of whether or not they believe in their existence. These connections on the energy level, which will also be described in the manual, can really affect people’s health and lives, consciously or subconsciously. Removing an entity is a very powerful way to help a person heal and find peace again. Entities connected to people are often complete “strangers” rather than the souls of people who knew them. They often seem to “see” and get attracted to the people who share similar emotions, often repressed and therefore “stagnant” in the person’s energy field. In very general terms, a person with repressed anger will become more “visible” to entities carrying a lot of anger too. The similarity and the details of the feelings shared by both the host and the entity can be quite surprising in some cases. And it is not rare to have two or more entities connected to the same host at the same time.

This means that entities are unlikely to connect with people who are healing themselves and who are removing repressed emotions from their aura and physical body. Working on yourself through energy healing is therefore one of the best forms of protection available against entities.

Energy Activation

In addition to the manual, you will receive a chakra energy activation to help you sense souls in the astral dimension more easily, for mediumship purposes (e.g. to connect with spirit guides or loved ones who have passed away), for soul rescue work, or both, depending on your preference. Indeed, you may already have a high level of connection to your higher senses (or psychic senses) and yet still find it difficult to scan for entities or to sense non-physical souls. This is mostly because they are in a “lower section” of the astral dimension (in terms of vibration) and that you need to be able to expand your higher senses to reach this level. The activation will significantly help you towards this goal. Your abilities to sense astral souls will however need to be developed further through practise. While most people notice a difference in their sensitivity after the activation, some will develop this over the 21-days to follow. This ability ultimately depends on many factors, including your level of spiritual development, your sensitivity to energy and the existence and effects of repressed emotions or limiting beliefs.


This course covers basic mediumship techniques in order to further connect with spirit guides, Ashati guides and other souls for healing work or spiritual guidance purposes, to complement your psychic development journey or to potentially offer mediumship readings. Removing an entity with these techniques and the Ashati 3 energies is extremely quick and effective (working from your spirit’s level of consciousness and energies, without having to engage with the entity). The healing effects on the people affected by an entity are instantaneous and can be quite significant. Many people suffering from mild to severe symptoms have seen amazing and sometimes miracle-like (unexplained by science) improvements in their health and psychological wellbeing right after a clearing session, which only takes moments. Soul Rescue is therefore a whole new aspect and extension of healing and personal development, helping both lost souls trapped in the astral dimension and the people affected by them. Three main techniques of entity removal are described in the manual, from the simple use of a powerful symbol to do this work for you (ideal if you have difficulty sensing entities, or if you simply don’t want to consciously connect with them), to the process of crossing over a soul, going with them and witnessing their transformation and their reconnection with loved ones on the other side, which carries amazing energetic sensations, emotions, and will help you better understand the connection between the two worlds.

Ascension 1 more details
Advanced Energetic Ascension Level: Higher-Self Activation
ONLINE CONTENT: Manual / Tutorial Video / Distance Energy Activation

The more advanced part of this personal and spiritual development journey within the Ashati system is called “Ascension”. These five levels and energy activations are about creating deeper and permanent changes to the very structure of your chakras and energy bodies. It is available to initiates who have completed their Ashati level 3 training and who feel ready for much deeper reconnection to their spirit, higher senses, inner guidance and for all the development and healing this metamorphosis will naturally provide.

Energetic ascension is a natural process that all spiritual masters, through time and civilisations, have sought to achieve, at least partially. This process of evolution is now available in full to humanity through this revolutionary and unique system, over months or years, instead of decades or often lifetimes.

Ascension is about activating a completely natural and safe evolutionary process that is believed to be coded and dormant in our multi-dimensional being and its DNA. It is therefore simply a matter of activating these higher levels of development, one at a time, giving you enough time to integrate the energetic changes and to let all the associated healing and clearing processes that may take place within each stage.

Each level of Ascension is focused on the actual energetic transformation, with enough information within the associated manual to really understand these changes and what to expect after each energy activation. Some additional knowledge about the dimension, their specific beings and therefore about our universe and your place within it will also be offered through the five level training.

The Master Training Program includes Ascension 1 - the first step into a much higher level of healing abilities, spiritual development, psychic connection and energetic evolution. The remaining levels of this unique program are available as part of the Ascension Training.

Ascension 1

This first level energy activation will complete the full activation of your three higher chakras, located above your crown, as well as the elemental chakra, located below your feet (often also called “Earth star”). Your soul's higher-self and your spirit will be brought down from the 6th dimension to form two new energy bodies connected directly to the chakras above your head, recently activated during the Ashati 3 energy activation. Furthermore, the opening of the elemental chakra will change your etheric body's vibration, enabling you to hold more energy and to interact with the physical world from a new energetic level, which seems beneficial for health and manifestation.


The Ascension levels are centred on creating deeper and permanent changes to the very structure of your chakras and energy bodies, enabling you to progressively increase your conscious connection to your spirit, and therefore your spirit abilities, your higher senses, inner guidance, healing potential, etc.

Ascension is often felt as a journey of simplification (within, and in your physical reality), a deeper knowing of your true nature, wants and desires, an increased awareness of your inner world and the world of energy around us, as well as increasingly stronger and more effective abilities to heal and to manifest what you truly desire and need.

This first ascension energy activation will greatly raise the vibration of your being, develop your healing abilities and enable you to connect with your own inner knowledge and intuitive guidance much more easily and strongly. It will also enable you to develop a new level within your spirit consciousness.

Alsemia 3 more details
Advanced Practitioner Qualification
ONLINE CONTENT: manual / Distance Energy Activation

Alsemia 3 marks the start of a whole new level of energetic access, abilities and development, enabling you tap into the energies of the 6th dimension, for physical healing.

The previous levels and their energy activations provided access to powerful healing energies for physical healing from within the 4th dimension, or astral dimension (just above the physical dimension in terms of vibration). Alsemia 3 enables you to tap into the vast range of vibration available within the 6th dimension, called the soul light dimension in the Ashati system. This is again for physical healing only (see Ashati 3 for complementary 6th dimensional energetic work on the emotional and mental levels).

This dimension is above what we refer to as heaven, which is the 5th dimension, or soul dimension. This level of vibration is therefore much higher than most healing energies available to humanity, as almost all of them are from within the astral dimension.

The 6th dimensional range of energy you will be able to access through this energy activation and the easy techniques described in the manual will be used for further physical healing. In addition, these energies are especially powerful to perform quick and effective energy clearings (removing foreign energies from within your body and aura, someone else's aura, a space, etc.), and to work on manifestation, at a whole new level.

Furthermore, something unique to this system and specifically to this level, you will learn how to easily create energy vortexes. These gateways to a higher dimension can provide additional healing energies into a room, for example, or help to permanently keep a space clear of unnecessary foreign energies, to name just a few examples of the many applications.

As for any Alsemia energy activation, this level is also and mainly about raising your physical body's vibration to a higher level. This is part of physical ascension, the focus of Alsemia, which can have many positive effects in your life, and which will further develop your higher senses (psychic senses).

Reiki 3 / Seichem 3 / Golden Dragon 2
Advanced Practitioner & Master-Teacher Qualification
LIVE WORKSHOP: Energy Activations (Reiki - Seichem) / Healing Technique & Practise
ONLINE CONTENT: manuals / Distance Energy Activation (Golden Dragon)

Whilst this advanced Reiki course in Seattle will train you to pass on attunements to Reiki, Seichem and the Golden Dragon energies (all levels), it is not just for those who dream of teaching energy healing - Reiki. Everyone can greatly benefit from these amazing energy activations, which will give you access to much stronger and higher vibrational energies to expand your healing abilities.

These energy activations and energies will take your Reiki / Seichem healing, and your psychic potential, to much higher levels, whether you decide to use these solely for your own development, as an energy healing / Reiki advanced practitioner, or as an energy healing / Reiki master-teacher. It is highly recommended to receive these level 3 attunements if you wish to work as a practitioner (even though the level 2 qualifications are officially sufficient to start working professionally), and this level of training is required in order to teach others.

This Seattle Reiki master course will also reveal the remaining sacred symbols within the three combined systems and discuss new ways to utilise these energies, such as "planet healing".

Lineage of Reiki

The Golden Dragon 2 level represents the official teacher training and includes information about the second symbol and how to perform attunements (to the Golden Dragon level 1 and 2 energies). This Golden Dragon 2 attunement is much stronger than level 1 and will further increase your grounding, healing abilities and psychic potential.

Kundalini Reiki
Master-Teacher Qualification
ONLINE CONTENT: manual / Distance Energy Activation

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word for the powerful creative force in the human body which for most people lies dormant at the base of their spine. It also refers to an energetic state in which certain energy channels and chakras have been opened, thereby gaining access to the Earth's energy. The base chakra, an energy centre located near the coccyx, serves as the entrance for the kundalini energy (also known as the "kundalini fire"). Upon entering the body, the energy runs along the main energy channel, before exiting through the crown chakra. With an open kundalini, a complete cleansing of the chakras, energy channels and some body parts will be obtained over a certain period of time.

In Hindu mythology, kundalini is a serpent goddess who lies asleep at the base of the spine, coiled three and a half times around the first chakra. Her name is Kundalini Shakti, and she represents the unfolding of the divine Shakti energy, the energising potential of life itself, a living goddess who enlivens all things.

Kundalini Reiki is a very straightforward healing system which does not require the use of complex techniques, and which can therefore easily complement Ashati and Reiki, for example. A series of three attunements are given in order to open and strengthen the energy channels of your body, enabling specific energy to flow through you, and helping to cleanse your body from energy blockages.

This system will prepare your body for the kundalini awakening, and it will also give you access to a range of vibration similar to the kundalini energy (especially for etheric and physical healing) that you will be able to channel alongside Reiki, Ashati and any other energy you have been attuned to, for healing purposes.

Kundalini Yoga masters can spend years to reach a full Kundalini Awakening. These attunements will enable your body to be ready for these energies within weeks only.

Kundalini Reiki 1: During the first attunement, the healing channels are opened to the Kundalini Reiki energy. At the same time, the body is prepared for the kundalini awakening. The crown, heart and hand chakras are opened and strengthened.

You will learn how to perform a Kundalini Reiki healing, in person and over distance.

Kundalini Reiki 2: At this level, a partial kundalini awakening takes place. The channels are strengthened and the main energy channel is opened safely. As a result, the kundalini fire can now travel from the base chakra to the solar plexus chakra, preparing the way for a full kundalini awakening in the next level. You also become able to channel a wider range of Kundalini Reiki healing energy.

You will learn a meditation which will increase the power of the kundalini fire.

Kundalini Reiki 3 (Kundalini Reiki master): The throat, solar plexus, sacral and base chakras are opened and strengthened. The kundalini fire is also strengthened and can now flow up to and out of the crown chakra (full rising of the Kundalini). You also get access to the full range of Kundalini Reiki energy.

You will learn how to attune others as well as crystals so that they may act as energy channels.

Kundalini Reiki Boosters (1 to 6): There are 6 additional energy activation boosters, which you can pass on to others once you have received them. The Kundalini Reiki boosters strengthen and increase your energy channels, to allow even greater amounts of Kundalini Reiki to flow through (and all other healing energies you have been attuned to).

Spirit Guides Meditation (FREE)
Guided Meditation to Connect with your Spirit Guides
LIVE WORKSHOP: Group Meditation
ONLINE CONTENT: Bonus Audio Meditation Track

This powerful and often insightful mediation will help you to start to connect on a conscious level with your own spirit guides, who are here to guide you and protect you throughout this lifetime. Everyone has spirit guides and subconsciously receives guidance from them. This conscious re-connection with your guides is often an amazing opportunity to fast track your own development and find new levels of clarity within your life. Developing this connection over time is essential for further psychic and spiritual development, and a powerful addition to any work in energy healing. This meditation is not intended to replace self-healings.

Ashati Guides Meditation (FREE)
Guided Meditation to Connect with the Ashati Guides
LIVE WORKSHOP: Group Meditation
ONLINE CONTENT: Bonus Audio Meditation Track

This meditation is a unique opportunity to directly connect with the Ashati Guides and to feel their amazing energies. More than simply a guided meditation, this is an intense energy healing and energetic development experience as the Ashati Guides will work directly on your being and chakra system. These loving beings have the ability to really fast-track your healing and energetic ascension journey. They may also provide you with messages or other energetic gifts. This meditation is not intended to replace self-healings.

Group Healing
Receive a Group Healing Performed by Jerome Baudel.

The Ashati Group Healing is a wonderful way to explore the amazing sensations and potential of the Ashati and Alsemia energies and to receive all the amazing effects that come with this personal development and deep healing work. These group healing sessions are performed by Jerome Baudel (founder of Ashati) and use powerful healing energies directly channelled into your being and chakras during the guided meditations or as a separate healing experience. These sessions are usually rich in sensations and healing benefits. They will start a healing and clearing process that will continue over a few days to a few weeks.


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