Golden Dragon

The Healing Order of the Golden Dragon system was recommenced on the 6th of August 2000, after being lost for over 1,800 years. It is believed to be a very ancient source of healing which has been used and then suppressed many times, and the energy Saint Martha used in France to perform many of her healing miracles. The connection died out in France and a group of Irish mediums, led by Diana Cosgrove, was able to re-establish it during group sessions in that country in 2000.The energy activations and the teachings for the Healing Order of the Golden Dragon can only be passed on by Reiki / Seichem master-teachers who have received the Golden Dragon 2 initiation, as these energies, like the Seichem energies, are considered an extension of the Reiki training, methods, and energies. These energy activations will give you a very comprehensive and powerful ability to work with the Earth’s energies, whether this is for your own development and wellbeing, or to help others.

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Golden Dragon 1

This Golden Dragon 1 energy activation makes a connection to the Earth allowing initiates to pull up the energy of crystals, minerals and metals for healing purposes (channelled through the grounding cord and lower main chakras up to the heart chakra, arms and hands). The energy activation also enables initiates to channel higher vibrational energies, mostly for emotional support and balancing at this level (through the higher main chakras). This energy activation will therefore also greatly develop your grounding and enable you to channel energy from above (higher dimensional energies through your higher chakras) and from below (crystal / mineral / metal energies from the Earth and the lower chakras).

Reiki 1 is required before.

Golden Dragon 2

The Golden Dragon 2 level represents the official teacher training and includes information about the second symbol and how to perform energy activations (attunements) to the Golden Dragon level 1 and 2 energies. This Golden Dragon 2 energy activation is much stronger than level 1 and will further increase your grounding, healing abilities and psychic potential.

Reiki 3, Seichem 3 and Golden Dragon 1 required before.

Golden Dragon 3

The Golden Dragon level 3 energy activation is only available to people who have done a lot of healing work on themselves and reached a high level in their energetic / spiritual development. It is therefore a great complement to the advanced Ascension energy activations. Golden Dragon 3 will not only expand your ability to channel astral energies from above (through your higher chakras) and from the Earth below (through your grounding cords), it will also trigger a lot of changes to your energetic being, enabling you to hold more energy and to speed up your ascension journey. Golden Dragon 3 is also associated with DNA activations and healing. After having received this energy activation, you will be able to pass it on to others. The connection to higher levels of energy is open-ended, which means that it will grow as you develop (no need for further energy activations to Golden Dragon).

Reiki 3, Seichem 3 and Golden Dragon 2 are required before.
Energy Healing Meditation - Universal Energy

Energy Activations

Each level includes an energy activation which is a profound healing and spiritual experience. They will energetically expand your chakra system as well as activate a new level of energetic development and / or a connection to a specific healing energy that you will then be able to channel during energy healings and meditations, for yourself and others. Each energy activation is followed by a deeply transformative 21-day integration period during which it is recommended to practice daily short self-healing meditations at home, with the assistance of a guided meditation track (provided as part of ASHATI 1). Energy activations are often rich in sensations, profoundly relaxing and inspiring. They are the key to the amazing personal development, spiritual awakening and accelerated healing that most notice straight away when embarking on this energy healing and meditation journey. Energy activations scheduled over distance through the Ashati Institute are performed live by Jerome Baudel at your chosen time. More Information about Energy Activations.


Each level offered by the Ashati Institute is designed for people wishing to embark and progressively advance on an amazing and profoundly transformative journey. However, these levels also provide comprehensive training in energy healing (incl. Ashati and Reiki), whether this is for personal development, to help your children, friends and relatives, or to set up a successful professional practice.

The cost of your modules may be tax deductible if you choose to work professionally.

The following minimum levels are required to obtain professional qualifications. Higher levels will provide additional and more advanced skills and energies.
Ashati 2: Ashati Practitioner
Alsemia 2: Alsemia Practitioner
Reiki 2: Reiki Practitioner
Higher Senses: Psychic / Intuitive
Teacher Training: Ashati Institute Registered Teacher
Reiki 3: Reiki Teacher
Alsemia 12: Subconscious Exploration™
Alsemia 13: Alsemia Group Healings and Group Subconscious Exploration™

The generic qualification of "Energy Healing Practitioner" and "Energy Healing Teacher" can also be used.

Visit Qualifications for more details of the services you can offer.

Accreditation with the Energy Therapies Association

If you wish to work as an energy healing practitioner or teacher, joining a professional association will help you set higher standards of professionalism and ethics. It will also show potential clients that you have received adequate training and that you are following an appropriate Code of Conduct.

Membership with the Energy Therapies Association Includes:
• 1 year FREE membership (after completion of Ashati 2)
• FREE “Professional Practice” manual
• Membership certificate
• Code of Conduct
• Use of the Energy Therapies Association’s logos for marketing
• Recommended professional insurance policies for a list of countries
Energy Therapies Association Includes Membership for Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Master Teachers
This program is accredited by the:
Energy Therapies Association

Most modules are also recognised by other professional associations worldwide, including the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) and the IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals).
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