Professional Coaching

The sessions are tailored to the individual needs of a person or business setting up or developing a healing or teaching practice.

The focus of the sessions will be to coach the individual so that they become empowered and self-sustainable to achieve their desired goals.

The first session will be to identify the individual's goals and to set an anticipated plan to follow. Then at each stage of the journey a series of tasks will be identified, discussed, demonstrated and allocated to the individual who will then go away and work on this prior to the next session. It is a good idea to take notes of any questions or issues that may arise so that they can be discussed during the next session before moving onto the tasks.

An average coaching session will last approximately 2hrs and you can register for one session only or a block of multiple hours in advance.

A website creation will take approximately 20-30hrs of coaching sessions spread across approximately 3 months, plus additional time spent by the individual between sessions working on the allocated tasks. The aim is to educate and empower the individual so that they are able to maintain and update their website independently. Additional follow up coaching sessions can be arranged for new development or review purposes at anytime. There are also some ongoing fees associated with hosting your website with an internet service provider (this will be discussed during the sessions). New websites will be created with WIX.

Create a Free Website

Promo Video Creation

AU $850 - 2min HD Promo Video Ready for the Web!
Training / Filming
Brisbane / Gold Coast / Byron Bay Australia

Examples of Previous Works for Ashati
• Script review over email
• Speech training during filming
• Camera recording
• Editing
• Use of production music
• Integration of your logo / photos (optional)
• One re-edit for minor final changes
• Web upload (i.e. YouTube)

The promo video will feature you speaking directly to camera on a clean black background with a subtle background music track.

Other personally tailored on-location filming projects are available upon request and for additional fees (quotes will be provided).
Energy Healing Meditation - Healing Hands

Topics may include:

Business Development
Guidance and Planning

Structuring of Services
Categorising Modalities

Website Creation
No Experience Required

Marketing Initiatives
Devising and Implementing Strategy

Francois Awad

Energy Healing Reiki Course Brisbane Teacher
Francois was born in Sydney, Australia and started his career in the performing arts and arts management with positions held with Disney’s The Lion King, Cirque Du Soleil’s Alegria, Benidorm Palace Theatre Spain, The Hooley Dooleys, Sega World Sydney, Fox Studios Australia and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

His teaching and coaching positions have included Pineapple Studios London, Studio Harmonic Paris and The McDonald College Sydney. Francois then went on to manage live and broadcast projects including a distribution series for Warner Bros.

He has worked closely with The NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS) on theatre and film projects that showcased the heroic true stories of the Sydney refugee community.

After joining the Ashati team, Francois has produced and managed complex multimedia and website content featuring the inspiring work of this unique personal development system. He has also contributed to the development and management of the Ashati system in over 20 countries worldwide.