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Traitements Initiations Ashati Initiations Ascension Développement des Sens Supérieurs

Ces témoignages proviennent directement de clients et initiés Ashati. Ils sont placés anonymement sur cette page et peuvent être retirés sur simple demande par email.

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Sydney, Australia

"It's hard to put into words, the incredible transformation I've experienced since your healing treatment.

Before the healing, 9 years of Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS had me largely housebound with debilitating fatigue and so much pain that I have been on an opiate patch for the last 3 years.  Thankfully, the illness put me on a spiritual path and your Energy Healing 1 & 2 and Ashati 1 & 2 attunements were wonderful tools for self healing.  However I had still not managed to shake the illness - until you unlocked the root cause in just a half-hour treatment.  As soon as it was over, I felt completely changed.

Since then, I've got my life back!  Most days I've had no pain at all, and I'm no longer fatigued.  Furthermore, my emotions are completely different - all my fears have turned into excitement!  I now cannot wait to do Ashati 3 and intend to use it professionally, to help others.  Words can't express how amazing I feel, to be free of limitations and full of joy and enthusiasm for the future.  Thank you, I am so grateful."

Initiations Ashati 1,2 & 3

Le mans, France

"Merci beaucoup! J'ai lu les manuels. Je vous félicite. Ils sont vraiment très bien construits et très complets."

La Reunion

"...Ashati a changé ma vie :). merci à vous."


"many thanks for the level 3 attunement. Beautiful and very fine and gentle. I felt an expansion through layers of the body in every possible angle and direction and I tried to reach into that and breathe into it. A deep and full reminder that I am not just the physical body and there is just pure space with in and without of the physical body. The most difficult was the back of the heart chakra and the back of the sacral chakra, which felt quite painful but I felt as this chakra will clear the pain and blocks in my heart will also clear..."

California, US

"Mon attunement a dure 30 mn environ. Au debut, mon chakra couronne me brulait tellement il y avait d'energie qui entrait, puis c'est descendu dans le 3eme oeil. Pendant les 10 dernieres minutes je sentais que l'energie descendait dans le chakra coeur et le plexus solaire. J'ai senti beaucoup de picotements sur le visage et plusieurs presences autour de moi... Cette fois, je n'ai pas vu d'images ni de couleurs. C'etait different. Voila, je n'ai plus qu'a pratiquer, maintenant!"

Reunion Island

"Vive ASHATI!!!!!!!! Grâce à ces énergies, j'ai avancé à pas de géant, compris et réglé beaucoup de choses en très peu de temps:) c'est extra génial. Bien sûr, il faut être prêt à vivre des changements, à évoluer pour vivre mieux..."

California, US

"Pendant l'attunement, j'ai tout de suite senti des picotements dans le 3eme oeil, le chakra couronne et les mains. J'ai senti l'energie le long de ma colonne vertebrale. Pendant toute la duree de l'initiation, j'ai vu defiler des boules de lumiere aux couleurs des chakras. Enfin, c'etait tres fort, je sens encore l'energie dans mes 2 chakras superieurs...."

Pennsylvania, USA

"Thank You for attuning me to Ashati. I enjoyed indeed. I felt warmth in myheart chakra and was surrounded with a sense of peace. Then I fell asleep...for 4 hours!"

Sydney, Australia

"Wow! Thank you so much for this energy. I have never felt so good on many levels! The 21 days after the attunement were pretty strong at times but my God it has been such a cleansing and healing experience. I look forward to doing level 2 very soon. Ashati is my new preferred system... much more powerful than Reik. Thanks again!"

Perth, Australia

"Thank you so much. I only had a couple of emotional days so far but all in all I have felt great. can't wait for the next one! !"

Azerbaijan, Baku

"many years ago, when I didn't have neither Reiki nor eny other energy and received my first attunement into Reiki 1, I felt a deep "hole" between my "old" life and a new life with Reiki. Now I felt the same with Ashati. I passed through many clearing processes and got so many attunements within last 7,5 years but when I got the attunement in Ashati 1, I returned 7,5 years back and felt the same as that time, that this Energy would bring me more and more clearing than before....It means that this energy is more powerful than all the courses and energies I've taken within these years..."

California, USA

"Hi Jerome: Just had to send you a few words about what's happening only after 2 days of my Attunement 1. On Wednesday about 1 hour after the exercise, I noticed that my neck and back pain that I have had for years from an accident is all gone...I also had ringing in my ears that started about a week ago and that is gone also. Everything looks brighter and I feel a sense of calm...Thar's all for now. Can't wait for the next one!!"

Penarth, UK

" I have been initiated (Distance) in to Ashati 1 and 2 and very recently I was attuned to Higher Senses Development. I have also had a few distance healing sessions with Jerome. I don't know that I can speak much about the experiences but I know my life has changed massively since I began the attunements earlier this year..."

Sydney, Australia

"... I totally enjoyed the attunement and it was very distinctive. i haven't felt anything like it before. Sorry about this being a block of thought, i just went fast with it so i wouldn't miss much! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS EXPERIENCE!"

Darwin, Australia

"The Ashati transformatin within myself and my healing is quite powerful and I'm glad its growing and developing in the community. I'm feeling more in tune and focussed. My psychic abilities are developing and are sharper which was unexpected but welcome. Perhaps this is a culmination of many changes in my life recently but I know the Ashati is a key driver."

Ontario, Canada

"I've been playing with Ashati for 2 months now and I'm starting to have a better idea of the energy's character. here is some feedback about my own observations:
1. very strong energy. A student of yours and I have been playing with it on each other and it has been very, very powerful for the two of us. Some amazing effects have come through.
2. Very good for anxiety, particularly state anxiety. I've had a challenging couple of months and was very anxious about a situation. Since applying ashati to myself regularly, the anxiety seems to be lessened and I feel more "grounded" and balanced. I also feel more in control and I suspect asahti is a big part of that since I started noticing improvement as soon as I started working with it regularly.
3. It feels much more "tingly" than Reiki.
4. The energy's color seems to switch from bright yellow to orange on occasion.
5. The energy seems to switch on "automatically" when working on myself with some other energy. I've noticed this with most other "energies" too so it's not entirely unique in this regard, but cool nonetheless.
6. I've really enjoyed the system you built around the energy. I have to admit I follow your system as a guideline but I tend to work with it on my own way as well. I've taken to using the energy on myself with my hands naturally relaxed in my gait as I walk to school. Very good way of self - treating each day during my walks without looking too weird by other people:)
7. When using the 1-2 technique, my "third eye" starts to really tingle.

Dublin, Ireland

"Yes I did enjoy the attunement, though I found it emotional, especially as there has been alot of 'stuff' going on recently.I felt the energies more than I thought I would... especially when my Heart and Throat chakras were being attuned.

Although the Ashati energy feels quite 'fine', it flowed extremely strongly during my first self healing. In fact my left arm went numb...and I feel this is because so much energy was flowing through me...The energy streamed from from hands!...The second I began the self treatment I felt my sacral and heart chakras 'flip' and 'release'...which makes so much sense, especially in light of 'things' lately...and I truly understand that although I have done quite a lot of 'work' on myself my 'self work' is only in its infancy stages...That's the reason why I decided to have the Ashati attunement, to help me progress and develop.So hopefully, with time and patience and continued self healings etc.. I will continue to learn, grow, develop and ultimately change the negative thought patterns that I have been trying to change little by little over the last few years."

Cardiff, UK

"Flipping heck, that symbol is good. My heart chakra is going crazy... I really did enjoy this attunement and yet again the after effects seem to be more profound for me than when the energies are initially received. My psychic vision is increasing on a daily basis and my inner self feels as light as a feather. Its a blessed feeling to get and I thank you for allowing me to receive these attunements."

Toronto, Canada

"Thank you for the attunement. I had to rest all day because so much stuff came up for me emotionally. I'm peeling the layers of the onion :). It feels like my heart chakra is going thru surgery lol!! I will practice the Ashati energy work on myself for the next month or so and will let you know when I want to do Ashati 2."

Sydney, Australia

"... My hands were tingling a lot. I vaguely saw some colours, mainly a small yellow ball, some orange and a bit of red. I felt my hands being covered by someone’s hands, I was very light headed. I felt my crown chakra was well opened and the energy was flowing strongly on each in-breath. Thanks a lot, it was extremely enjoyable!"

Cardiff, UK

"I've received attunements from a few different teachers over the past few months but nothing came in as intense as Ashati level 1. It didn't last very long and was accepted quite quickly but the intense pressure that I felt flow over me was amazing. I LOVED IT. This is what an attunement should feel like and I want to thank you again for sharing this with me. I'm going to give this one a good few weeks to settle before moving onto the next level..."

Sydney, Australia

"When i received the attunement on Tuesday night, I did feel a strong flow of energy down to the crown chakra, like a ripple effect. After a couple of minutes the energies concentrated on the third eye chakra. Later on there was a light sensation under my feet. The whole process took about 20 minutes. The following morning I feel energised. Yesterday I felt as if a cloud of sadness started to cover me. While reading your manual this morning, I understood why. I now feel very blessed with the process of all this cleansing and letting go of old belief system!"

Sydney, Australia

"I did the attunement last night it was very strong. Here's the feedback: When the attunement started I could feel the energy start straight away, it was especially strong around my head and throat. There were a lot of guides present. They did some thing to my head and it feltl like it was being "rewired". They also worked on my sacral. It felt like a big healing was going on. I was also shown a paddock lock around my heart which was opened by a golden key. They said they had been waiting for this opportunity. Someone put their arms on my shoulder and said they would always be here from now. They then worked around my third eye,and I saw a unicorn. It was more visual than last time. I have done two self healing and they felt strong. The symbol is really effective! Thanks for giving my the opportunity, I really appreciate it."

Sydney, Australia

"Thank you so much, that was really amazing. The energy was really strong and I felt there was so much happening.  I saw quite a few images and there were really strong and different levels of energy and colours. I felt a lot of energies in my hand all the time and a lot of heat."

Sydney, Australia

"Right at the start of the attunement I felt tingling in my hands and a strong pulsing in sensation in my palms.  I also had the feeling of light flowing through my palms. The pulsating feeling moved into my heart centre. I then experienced a light nausea feeling in my stomach followed by a pulsing sensation in my solar plexus area. The pulsing continued into my third eye area and throat. I then experienced a light pulling upwards from the crown. I also sensed a white light here. At various times during the attunement I felt white light coming to me in waves. The pulsing continued simultaneously with all the centres now in a slow rhythmic pace that felt somewhat circular in nature.  It felt like white light connected all these centres forming some kind of intricate pattern. I found my breathing had slowed down quite a lot and occasionally I felt inclined to take a long slow deep breath which enhanced the sensations. Even now after the attunement I am left with a tingling feeling…mainly in my hands. Thank You"

Sydney, Australia

"That felt fantastic!  I had a bit of sad emotions bubble up in the first couple of minutes and the usual sort of twitchy and little spasms, mainly in the neck this time.  I could really feel my heart chakra, had a really strong present feel."

Sydney, Australia

"I certainly did! Was very strong, felt a lot my 3rd eye chakra, lots of pressure on it (almost gave me a localised headache!). Saw golden cord going from 3rd eye to solar plexus and also felt the Ashati symbol being drawn. I loved it!!"

Connecticut, US

"Thanks for the prev. Ashati attunements, its seems very powerful and empowering all my previous Psychic / Spiritual work..."

Darwin, Australia

"Thanks, it was brilliant. Quite a soothing energy, very gentle. I'm looking forward to integrating it. Tthank you very much."

Initiations Ascension 1,2 & 3

Sydney, Australia

"Still a bit tired from the Ascension 1 initiation but feeling ok (lots of sleep and water helped). The meditations/self-healing were much deeper and lasted a very long time. Average time 1.5 hours!!! Felt totally weightless, body full of light, very slow breathing. I felt the different energy quite well. Crown chakra tingling a lot probably because of the connection with higher chakras. Lots more work to be done... And looking forward to it!."

New Jersey, US

"It's amazing, this has been the strongest attunement thus far!  I became aware of the energies 30 minutes before the scheduled time. As soon as I started the invocation, it's like the flood gates opened!  Connecting to the Divine Mind 21 days following attunement 3 was fairly easy, after Ascension 1, it just got better.  I look forward to what the next few days will bring and I am counting the days for the next attunement!

Connecticut, US

"The asc. 5 attunement was intense and wonderful. The after affects when I connect to the Ashati Ascended masters is huge, powerful, loud when required, and can be too much. So it will take months to gently assimilate it into my routines more. But that's GREAT. Thanks so much"

Sydney, Australia

"I have been able to finish to heal something I have been processing for a long time and related to the base and sacral chakras. Energetically I have a lot of heat and prickling in my crown chakra and feel like I have a huge column of light above my head - probably up to 1.5 meters high, and I can usually feel the chakra under my feet as well - often I feel all the chakras from the one below my feet to high above my head are connected in this column of light!"

Connecticut, US

"It has been an intense week and a lot of opening and growth around this work but well worth it of course..."

Singapore, Singapore

"I've really enjoyed the initiation, feeling relaxed and thoroughly peaceful and balanced..."


"The last activation was pure light! Ashati is the best system ever! Thank you so much..."

Nova Scotia, Canada

"So, ascension 5.....I had not noticed much during it. But over the following few days I noticed a constant stream of unobtrusive energy pouring out of my hands and feet. I feel more in touch with who I am and my intuition seems as if it has skyrocketed. Meditations aren't deeper, but they have taken on a quality I cannot describe. Insights have been very common over the last few days as I meditate and connecting to the ascended masters causes a vibration throughout my body, I can only describe it as a high pitch chant rocking through my core.

Since ascension five, I feel deeply connected to the ashati energies. I have been using ashati regularly over the past 11 months, but lately I feel as if the enerrgies are becoming a part of who I am. I also feel a sense of support I have not noticed before. Almost as if I know everything will work out ok. Looking forward to really growing with these energies...."

Michigan, US

"...Ashati 1-3 were emotionally trying, hard, like tearing apart strong Velcro... Ascension was more liberation and recognition....I'd really sum up Ascension 5 as a return to your true self. I think it is indeed crucial to continue self healing, stay connected to our guides..."

Sydney, Australia

"What I noticed after ascension 1:

  • much deeper healings and meditations
  • much longer sessions without me noticing how much time has passed
  • body feels very light and full of white light
  • lower part of the body, particularly legs, tingle a lot. I feel more connected to the earth
  • I feel I am “dissolving” into powerful vibrations"

Connecticut, US

"Wonderful Ascension 2 attunement. The dissipating of the emotional and mental energy bodies has been wonderful...and the heart chakra is taking on added light and focusing upward. The new bodies in the upper chakras also seem to be developing and connecting upward. Just so nice.Thanks so much.

Sydney, Australia

"I was seeing a lot happening and feeling a lot above me. I received really nice visuals of the chakras opening and visualsof it all, integrating. My crown is quite active now. I feel light headed but quite nice."

Développement des Sens Supérieurs

Connecticut, US

"Thanks so much for the activation.  It was very strong and intense. I have already experienced more seeing and knowledge coming in since the activation."

Sydney, Australia

"I felt the energy flowing and felt like I was seeing my third eye during the attunement.  My head felt heavy but then it went away the next day."

Sydney, Australia

"I felt some third eye pressure in the 24 hours before the attunement, and some sensations while it was happening. No headaches :-). I am looking forward to working through all the exercises. The manual is good, very well explained."

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