Jerome Baudel, jerome baudel, founder, Ashati, ashati, Connecting Light, biography, bio
Jerome Baudel, jerome baudel, founder, Ashati, ashati, Connecting Light, biography, bio  

Jerome Baudel (Founder)


Born in Paris, France, Jerome Baudel has studied and worked in the USA and Europe before settling in Sydney, Australia in 2006. During his university years, he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and furthered his studies with postgraduate courses in developmental and educational psychology. Jerome then pursued his love and fascination for energy healing and spirituality by training to become a practitioner and master teacher of Reiki, Seichem, the Healing Order of the Golden Dragon and over 40 other energy systems.

Furthermore, he complemented his training with Theta Healing techniques, Tarot reading, psychic development, channelling, numerology and many other disciplines of spirituality and divination. After opening his first workshop space in Dublin, Ireland, and then Sydney, Australia, Jerome began offering his courses and treatments globally.

During the writing of his first book, Inner Journeys, he began receiving a large volume of channelled information in the form of new ideas, guidance, energies and started to develop new healing and personal development techniques. This abundance of revolutionary information and energies was then poured into the ground-breaking Ashati training and healing system. Ashati steers the way to an empowering journey towards spiritual ascension.

"It is only our own beliefs about who we are that limit our achievements, individually and collectively. And it is these same beliefs that filter our perception about our true nature and the abundance of our world. Ashati was given to us to break free from this cycle of belittlement, to find our true place in the universe, manifest our potential and expand the source of it, our consciousness."


- Bachelor in Psychology
- Postgraduate Courses in Developmental and Education Psychology
- Certificate in Small Business Management
- Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate
- Seichem Master/Teacher Certificate
- The Golden Dragon Healing Order Teacher Certificate
- Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher Certificate
- Theta Healing level 2 Certificate
- Trained and Attuned to more than 40 Energy Systems
- Founder and Director of Connecting Light
- Founder of the Ashati Training and Energy Healing System

- Fluent in French and English

- Member of Energetic Healing Association (Professional Association)
- Member of the International Meditation Teachers Association


Content Director - Jerome was asked to become the Content Director for the production of a TV show pilot episode named Energy.


Author - Jerome wrote the book Inner Journeys, a Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Discovery, Healing, Psychic and Spiritual Development, as well as all the Ashati training manuals (Ashati 1,2 & 3 - Ascension 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 - Higher Senses Development - Entity Rescue & Mediumship...). Jerome is currently finishing his sesond book which reveals the make-up of our universe, our multi-dimensional being and consciousness, and which is titled Beyond.

Meditation CD's

Author & Energy Healer - Jerome is currently developing a meditation CD combining the amazing energies and benefits of Ashati with powerful introspection and development techniques he has developed which are based on visualisation work and "inner Journeys".


Experienced Teacher - After many years of experience in teaching online, 1-on-1 and group courses in energy healing and personal/spiritual development, Jerome developed many completely new, ground-breaking and inspiring courses, including the complete Ashati training, offered at Connecting Light, the centre he opened and currently manages in Sydney, as well as internationally as distance learning courses.

video Interview - Jerome Baudel introduces Ashati.

Jerome Baudel, jerome baudel, founder, Ashati, ashati, Connecting Light, biography, bio

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