Ashati, healing, awakening, ascension, courses, course, attunements, chakras, higher senses, remove entities, clear entities, entity rescue, spirit rescue, mediumship, repressed emotions, past life issues, past life traumas, psychic abilities
Ashati, healing, awakening, ascension, courses, course, attunements, chakras, higher senses, remove entities, clear entities, entity rescue, spirit rescue, mediumship, repressed emotions, past life issues, past life traumas, psychic abilities  

General Information

The Ashati path is one of healing, awakening, transformation and ascension.

Ashati is about metamorphosis and a path to ascension. It is a new energy healing and personal development program to heal and reconnect the human body, soul and spirit.

The Ashati system focuses on emotional and mental healing, higher (psychic) senses potential development and spiritual ascension. It is a unique and revolutionary program that will guide you on a fast-tracked healing and personal development journey, whilst teaching you about your multi-dimensional being and our multi-dimensional universe. These energies and the changes created by the attunements and initiations of each level within the Ashati training are completely different from Reiki and other energy systems. Ashati is indeed focused on "consciousness" and its emotions, thoughts, beliefs and higher senses, to lead to its development, expansion and reconnection to higher levels. The immense healing and manifestation abilities it provides initiates can be considered as a welcomed side-effect of this enlightening spiritual ascension process and the going back to the source of our true nature.

Ashati provides an expansion of consciousness which leads to an expansion of psychic potential and mindfulness. This training introduces completely new ways of thinking which step away from “words” and linear thinking to develop the extraordinary and often latent power of thoughts.

Through a series of powerful energy healing attunements and activations, deep changes to the structure of the chakra system enable initiates to channel intense healing energies, remove entities, perform psychic readings, transform their own being on all levels and much more. This process triggers the release of stubborn repressed emotions, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, past-life traumas and ultimately brings initiates back to the Source, giving them immense manifestation power. All this will help them find health and balance but also positively transform their life and the life of their loved ones.

Each attunements triggers a 21 day deep healing and transformation period. The course content provides all the tools needed to understand these changes and develop many new skills and abilities. Whether it is for personal development or to train as a professional psychic, healer or teacher, initiates all over the world have been amazed by the profound change they have observed in their own being and in their lives.



Purpose of Ashati

Ashati is a multilevel, step-by-step healing and reconnection journey back to your true and higher self, its own knowledge, perceptions and natural gifts, and its ability to simply and directly experience, feel and know the truth beyond our physical reality and our physical senses. It is a completely unique and revolutionary process that will naturally trigger and speed up deep emotional, mental and often physical healing, help you let go of false limitations and restrictive influences, reconnect you energetically and directly to higher levels within your own consciousness, to lead you to expansion, balance, enlightenment and eventually complete energetic ascension with the Ashati advanced levels.

This journey, which has already liberated many people around the world, cannot always be objectively described with words, but must often be subjectively experienced, as it is an inner journey back to the essence of who you are. Ashati does not impose rules or practices, but rather helps you to free yourself from unnecessary beliefs, fears and limitations. It does not force you to let go of all other practices, spiritual and others, but rather helps you find the connection with and the beauty in everything, everyone and every experience, the rewarding as much as the challenging ones. Ashati does not impose healing and change upon you, but simply allows a higher and often still unconscious part of you to find a voice within, and to show you your own path and unique life purpose.

Going back to the true essence of who you are involves the release of that which is not truly you, but yet subconsciously influences you every day. Ashati may therefore trigger the release of deep energetic blockages, repressed emotions, past-life traumas, limiting beliefs and thought patterns, self-imposed limitations and suffering, unnecessary relationships, false goals, wants and needs, etc. It will enable you to open your mind to new perspectives, stronger inner guidance, knowledge and realisations about our multi-dimensional universe, your multi-dimensional mind and body, as well as the principles of healing, creation and manifestation. This process will help you re-discover and understand your true self, which, for example, and in many cases, has assisted people with their direction and purpose in life, finding a new career path, minimising stress, making more efficient decisions, deciphering what they truly want out of life, and generally feeling happier and more peaceful as a result.”

Introduction to Ashati - VIDEO

Ashati and the Levels of Consciousness

This is an extract from the level 1 manual (Copyright © 2012 Connecting Light. All Rights Reserved).

As a physical being, the level of consciousness that you experience in your body depends mostly on your energetic wellbeing, your spiritual, or consciousness, development level, and therefore on the energy bodies and chakras that your brain is mostly connected to, to put it in simple terms. This is ultimately controlled by your multi-dimensional DNA, which, like the physical body and its energy bodies, has many additional non-physical strands. Each one can be activated over time to provide energetic and therefore energetic access to different dimensions and therefore parts of our multi-dimensional being and consciousness. This DNA activation work is at the core of the Ashati training and the reason why so many people notice their consciousness and related abilities develop so quickly.

The human chakras and energy bodies have been described by many ancient traditions. They are also the basis of many emerging holistic healing modalities, which are obtaining effective results and thus becoming increasingly popular today. The human chakras and energy bodies are described in detail in the Ashati 1 and 2 manuals.

Like the vast majority of humans at this time in humanity’s evolution, you are most likely to start this journey connected to the “lower consciousness”, associated with the lower energy bodies and chakras (below the heart chakra) and controlled by the mental body and its solar plexus chakra. Healing and clearing this entire level of consciousness is the main focus of the Ashati 1 initiation, energies, self-healing and meditation techniques.

The Ashati 2 initiation will focus on the “higher consciousness”, linked to what is commonly called the soul, and which is created by the higher energy bodies, connected to the chakras above the heart chakra. In addition to this deep soul and past-life clearing and healing, the initiation and energy work will push you forward in your development to help you move from a lower consciousness to a higher consciousness.

With this change comes a new, subtle but profoundly different way of being, feeling, acting and even thinking. A soul consciousness, or higher consciousness, will also help you become more conscious of your psychic senses. It will therefore help you to develop this perception of something larger than the physical reality, as well as the increasingly stronger inner guidance from your own higher-self.

Whereas the lower consciousness is centred on the physical reality and intellectual control, using what we then consider to be the “intellectual” mind to determine what should be thought, felt, said and done, the soul consciousness starts to be much more about the soul dimension, our soul nature and what feels right, as a soul in a physical body. It is less about creating and forcing manifestation with lower levels of understanding of the forces at play, and more about following the path meant to be for the physical self, a path that is defined by the higher-self of the person. What the intellect may consider as a good option may sometimes feel wrong to the soul consciousness. For example, a promotion at work that seems to all like an amazing opportunity may suddenly feel like a dark and empty option to a person with a soul consciousness, if a different future is destined for them. It is then not for their highest good, just like old relationships, with partners or friends, may feel like they need to change, evolve, be left behind or renewed, for example. This highest good is determined by the person’s higher-self and therefore from a level of understanding about the person’s path, past, present and future, that is much greater and much more comprehensive. It consequently always leads to balance, fulfilment and happiness.

These subtle changes, and others, in the way you will feel and think, will have a great and positive influence on your health, balance and wellbeing. And because you will not force things from a lower level of understanding and lower level of ego anymore, this change will also help you go on a path with less obstacles, less failed attempts, less confusion, less anxiety, etc.

This however requires a transitional period which in the Ashati system is called the “heart transition”. During this transition, you are likely to go back and forth between “thinking your path” and simply “feeling your path”. Over time, you will find clarity in understanding which way offers you a more balanced and happier outcome, which with no doubt will be the higher consciousness path. This is not however something that you can simply tell yourself or debate intellectually. It is something that you simply need to experience when the energy “updated” of your being has been completed through the Ashati initiations 1 and 2, and after some self-healing work and integration time.

The transition to the higher consciousness will then be completed over another but often shorter period of time, as everything is progressive, even though accelerated through this Ashati journey. This is something to keep in mind throughout your whole Ashati journey: there is no need to intellectually force change upon yourself, but rather try to let change come to you over time and simply keep doing what feels right for you every moment. Intellectually forcing change upon yourself is likely to repress aspects of yourself, beliefs, thoughts and emotions that are still there and need to be acknowledged, and perhaps dealt with, or fulfilled, before you can naturally and truly move on. This transformational journey is very simple:

Simply be honest with your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, at all stages. Feel and acknowledge them fully for what they are, and allow them to evolve. Try not to repress any emotion or thought, even those that your intellectual mind may deem “minor”, “irrelevant”, “negative”, and “shameful” or “not worthy”, for example. Each of them is there for a reason and denying their existence is not making them go away, and it is not helping with your development and self-awareness growth. Let time and these Ashati energies take care of your evolution, and simply focus on your present state of mind and emotions, every moment of every day. This is the key to speeding up your development, at any stage in this journey.

With Ashati 3 comes something new to most of today’s humans. This is the very first step of reconnection with your spirit, which is currently not energetically connected to your chakra system, and therefore to your physical consciousness. With this level 3 initiation and the opening of dormant chakras above your crown, comes the very first stage of transition to a spirit consciousness. This spirit consciousness access is the reason why many more spiritually advanced souls decided to incarnate on Earth at this time and will continue to do so for generations.

This multi-level transition to your spirit consciousness will continue through the Ascension levels (advanced Ashati training levels) and will lead you to further your intuitive understanding of your true nature, to ultimately shine your own light into and through your physical body and this world. With this comes many more self-realisations and new levels of connection and therefore understanding about our world, your place and purpose within it, the human body the human mind. To help with this process, try to always keep your mind open to new knowledge and perspectives, as there will be many more, even when you feel like you have reached the top.

Ascension 5 marks the end of the cycle and the start of a journey as a whole and freed self. It also opens the doors to the final stage of this revolutionary structural transformation which is the Ascension Triad, dissipating your chakra system altogether as well as all your energy bodies, to leave your physical body only and fully connected to your spirit.

At the end of your life in your current physical incarnation, and after you have completed Ascension 4 at least, you will be able to escape the cycle of incarnation to go back to your truest and purest form, your spirit and its associated dimension. From there, you will be free to join your loved ones, stay in the highest dimensions or start a whole new journey as a new soul. Alternatively, you may want to continue to incarnate in the physical world, choosing spiritually advanced planets where the spirit can incarnate into a body directly, which will be the case on Earth in the future and when the majority of the population has undergone this ascension process - together also changing human ways and societies to reflect a higher level of spirituality and multi-dimensional connection. This event has been prophesied by many ancient civilisations and religions. Ashati, with perhaps other complementary systems out there today or tomorrow, will become a key tool for humanity to reach this goal. And this ascension of humanity starts with each person’s own choice to open to something new, something bigger, something unknown: their true self...

Structure of the Ashati Training

Going back to your true self requires the energetic reconnection between the three levels of your consciousness: body, soul and spirit. This process is the strength and the uniqueness of this system, and it is done mostly through energy and chakra work such as attunements, initiations and activations, depending on the training level. Whether it is for personal development or professional skill training in energy healing, initiates all over the world have been amazed by the profound change they have observed in their own being and in their lives.

The full Ashati journey is divided into three foundation levels (Ashati 1, 2 and 3), and six advanced levels linked to the actual energetic ascension process, new to humanity (Ascension 1 to 5). There are also additional courses with chakra activations, such as the Psychic Development, Soul Rescue and Mediumship, and the Ashati Circle Facilitator courses.

By working directly on the energy structure of your being, from which your level of consciousness, natural higher perceptions, intuition, healing potential and other abilities come from, you are able to begin your evolution journey. Each level is however more like a giant leap forward rather than a small step up, as indeed, a lot of changes, clearing, healing and transformation will be able to naturally take place each time.

The energy attunements (Ashati 1, 2 and 3) will also give you access to healing energies, which you will be able to channel through your chakra system and out of your hands, in a similar way to other healing energies such as Reiki and Seichem, for example. They will enable you to perform energy healing treatments, for yourself but also for others, which take from 20 to 40 minutes, on average. These are highly enjoyable and deeply relaxing. They are also central to this journey and will speed up a natural process of reconnection, healing and clearing on all the levels of your being.

Each attunement, activation and initiation is followed by a 21-day integration period during which daily self-healing sessions are required. Although the re-emergence of repressed energies will affect your mood and vitality level from time to time during that period, it will also be an amazing time of deep change, realisations, inspiration, enlightenment, releasing of old burdens and whatever else can be released with that level of energy, at that particular stage in your own and very personal Ashati journey.

The manuals provide all the information and techniques needed to understand these changes and develop many new skills and abilities.

At the end of this journey, you will even be able to go through the final stages of energetic ascension, going back to the highest level of consciousness, your spirit, which will be directly connected to your body, after having let go of the chakra and energy body systems (Ascension Triad). This is a revolutionary opportunity for complete energetic ascension that was prophesied in many ancient civilisations. This truly unique and life-changing process may not only transform your life, but also the life of those around you.

Energetic ascension is a natural process that all spiritual masters, through time and civilisations, have sought to achieve, at least partially. This process of evolution is now available in full to humanity through this revolutionary and unique system, over months or years, instead of decades or often lifetimes. Ashati offers it to you, from complete beginner stages to completion, in just a few development phases, or training levels, which can be done in person or over distance.

Ascension is about activating a completely natural and safe evolutionary process that is coded and dormant in our multi-dimensional being and its DNA. It is therefore simply a matter of activating these higher levels of development, one at a time, giving you enough time to integrate the energetic changes and to let all the associated healing and clearing processes take place within each stage.

These energies and the changes created by the initiations of each level within the Ashati training are completely different from other existing techniques and energies, although they are perfectly complementary. Ashati is indeed about reconnection, evolution and ascension. It is completely focused on "consciousness" and its emotions, thoughts, beliefs and higher senses, to lead to its accelerated development, expansion and reconnection to higher levels. This training also introduces completely new ways of thinking, which step away from “words” and linear thinking, to develop the extraordinary and often latent power of higher thoughts, allowing you to think more clearly and efficiently. The immense healing and manifestation abilities it provides initiates can be considered as a welcomed side-effect of this enlightening spiritual ascension process and the going back to the source of one’s true nature.

Although the complete Ashati journey is recommended to reach your full potential, many people feel satisfied with their transformation and healing process after completing some or all of the three foundation levels only. Indeed, it is not required to complete the nine Ashati levels to greatly benefit from this work. Furthermore, Ashati teachers are asked never to push anyone to do any level of the Ashati training, in order to allow people to come to them instead, when they feel ready, and when they truly decide to make a commitment to change.

All the Ashati courses are offered over distance and in-person, with the same results. They are offered at low prices in order to make them accessible to most. For each attunement and initiation, you will receive a certificate of completion. These certificates can be provided by Registered Ashati Teachers only. Registration is essential and mandatory in order to teach and pass on attunements to others. This is mostly to ensure quality and consistency of training around the world, and to provide support and additional tools and knowledge to teachers, whether they do this work professionally or simply to help friends and relatives.


You do not need to complete the whole program to start developing skills and abilities to a professional level.

Where Do I Start?

Everything starts with ASHATI 1 and you don't need to have done any previous work on yourself or training in energy healing to sign up for this life-changing course and receive its beautiful and powerful attunement (in person or over distance).

The three Ashati levels prepare your being for the process of spiritual ascension by reconnecting your body to your soul and then to your spirit, making you more consciously aware of these different levels within your own consciousness and helping you heal, purify and expand each of their associated energy bodies and chakras.

The Ascension levels correspond to different stages of the full spiritual ascension process, which you can complete partially or in full, depending of what you feel intuitively guided to do.

The skills training has been designed to expand on the knowledge and abilities provided by the Ashati and Ascension training, developing new techniques and providing more details to achieve a much higher level of development in these fields. These are wonderful to fast-forward both your personal / spiritual development and your professional training for those of you who are working in this industry or intend to start a practice soon.

Finally, the circle facilitator training will give you all the tools, information and official documents you need to run your own local Ashati circle. These are open to all Ashati / Ascension initiates and a fantastic platform for them to develop personally, spiritually and psychically.

Please click on each of the above courses to read more details as well as their specific prerequisites.

Where Are these Courses Offered?

Jerome Baudel (founder of Ashati) personally provides all these levels of the Ashati training over distance internationally, at a purposely affordable price. He also offers these courses and attunements in group workshops, regularly in various locations of Australia, and occasiaonaly in other cities internationally (please visit for more details).

These courses and distance attunements are also offered by many trained and registered Ashati Teachers (Ashati Masters and Ashati Grand-Masters) in many locations all around the world.


Ashati and energy healing in general complement any other form of healing, including modern medicine.

Practitioners and teachers cannot make any promise as to the healing effects of treatments and attunements, or claim that they will heal any specific condition. Clients should always continue to seek and follow their doctor’s recommendations. If you are currently being treated for a condition by a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist or other health professional, please do not discontinue any treatment or medication without his or her approval.

Ashati, healing, awakening, ascension, courses, course, attunements, chakras, higher senses, remove entities, clear entities, entity rescue, spirit rescue, mediumship, repressed emotions, past life issues, past life traumas, psychic abilities

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